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Toyota of Orange / Terrible customer service

1 1400 N. TustinOrange, CA, United States Review updated:

This is the worst car dealership with which I have ever done business. I unfortunately bought my car there 2 YEARS AGO and I am STILL angry about the shoddy, unprofessional way in which I was treated.

After I bought a brand-new car from this terrible dealership, I noticed a "check engine" light on my dashboard after only 3, 000 miles. I called the dealership immediately to see if I could speak with the service department; unfortunately, it was almost 7 p.m. and the service department was closed, but the manager on duty offered to help me with the problem. This is how he attempted to help me: LAUGHING at me on the phone when I described the problem, and then condescendingly asking me, "Well, ma'am, have you tried putting gas in the car?" EXCUSE ME???!!! GAS IN THE CAR? What a joke! That had NOTHING TO DO with my problem, but this male manager heard me - a female - on the phone and automatically went into "Gotta help the dumb little woman" mode. Unfortunately, this condescending jerk did not realize that it was HE who looked dumb. When I attempted to make a complaint to his supervisor, he said he did not have one. That infuriated me even more - I knew full well that this guy had a supervisor and that he had not just walked in off the street and hired himself. I hung up on him and called the dealership the next morning. By then, I was totally irate, having stewed about this man's inappropriate, sexist comments to me all night long in addition to worrying about the "check engine" light on my car. The woman at the dealership with whom I spoke the next morning was, unfortunately, as unprofessional as the manager had been to me the previous evening, and she accused ME of being rude simply because I was making a complaint about her employee. She hung up on me (another GREAT example of the customer service that you will encounter at this dealership) and I was left with my "check engine" light still blazing on my dashboard and no help whatsoever from the dealership to whom I had just paid $15, 000 for a brand-new car. Then, the fun REALLY started: the owner of the dealership called me late in the day and left a message for me on my cell phone, telling me not to call his dealership again and he also said "please don't harass my staff again." I had no idea that calling the dealership from where you bought your BRAND NEW CAR COVERED BY WARRANTY qualified as harassment, but the owner of this place sure made it clear how he felt about customers who complain about anything. I also was left to wonder how this man got the impression that I was "harassing" anyone, and the only thing I could deduce was that his employees had concocted some elaborate story to keep their own tails out of trouble for the way that they had treated me. This dealership is happy to take your money, but then please leave and don't ever come back for service or with a question or - God forbid- a complaint! After receiving this boorish, slanderous message, it became clear to me where his employees got their bad attitudes and unprofessional demeanors.

I called Toyota corporate directly and complained about this dealership being in business with their product. Because of the terrible way that I was treated by this dealership, I will never again buy another Toyota, which is a shame, because they have a quality product... but when they allow unprofessional people to buy into their franchises and to represent their products - people who cannot even answer a simple service question without being sexist and rude - the quality level of the product is greatly diminished, in my estimation.


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  • Au
      31st of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I bought a brand new rav4 and I drove 10, 000 miles needed brakes .now I drove 8, 500 I need a SECOND PAIR OF of orange blames me they say "I HAVE BAD DRIVING HABITS " that's odd I been driving over 40 years and never had brake problems. I am sick over this I pay 500.00 a month for a lemon. I am and will go forward on this..I want them to replace my lenon with a car I feel safe in. I been buying g toyotas for years and so has my family and friends ... this is a big thing to me and 2nd big thing the manager in service threatened me by calling the police and reporting the loaner they gave me stolen . I bought a lemon and they won't fix this for me. Some how I have to find David wilson and talk to him I know he will not tolerate such poor business.

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