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Don't book a tour with I booked a Crand Cannyon and Hoover Dam Tour. First of all I didn't depature in Los Angeles, I got picked up in Las Vegas, what is actually more expensive and the 3rd day I didn't go back to LA. This is more expensive, especially because I travel alone. The singe room extra charge is almost double the tour price.
Then I was booked on a Chinese tour with Sea Gull Holidays. 3 European (I met there 2 girls from Norway) and the rest of them was Chinese. The Guide barley spoke English. He explained a few main points and that was it. A Chinese girl translated me the Chinese spoken and it was really interesting. But he never mentioned the interesting stuff in English.
At the first day there was an optional night tour. It was not half worth of the money. All the atractions, vulcano show etc, can easily walked by yourself and that cost you only 7 dollar for a 24 hours bus ticket on the strip.
I booked online the West Rim Tour but the guide told me I booked the South. What was not true. I said I wanna go to the West, doesn't matter what his sheet said. Then there was a fee for the national park, 69 $, what was never mentioned. Other people who "booked" West didn't know that.
So more or less the fee was secluded. But I paid. We had 4 hours at the Canyon, what was actually okay. Then "Hoover Dam" was just crossing the dam and then 20 minutes for pictures. What a fraud!!!
On the way back he told us there is a service fee arround 18 dollar (6$ a day) Everyone paid. I said, that I don't wanna pay the fee because I was never satisfied with the service. HE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING I TALKED TO HIM IN ENGLISH!!!
He tried to force me to pay. He said that it is for him and the driver, it would be the salary. And if I don't pay, he has to pay this. I told him that it is not my problem and discussed with him. He talked to me for more then 10 minutes about respect and something. At the end I paid 6 dollar for one full day. He really tried everything that I pay.

This tours are cheating on their customers!!! A tour guide who doesn't speak English!

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      9th of Nov, 2010 - Avoid - dont book
    United States

    I was on a tour from Oct 23 – Oct 28th 2017 and was one of 5 Americans on a bus of 60. Our tour guide spoke broken English, our bus driver spoke none. Our driver ran red lights, didn’t pick us up when or where he said he would, didn’t help passengers on or off the bus and never helped with luggage. Our tour guide had incorrect history dates and the sightseeing was lack luster.
    When the description says you will see Ground Zero in NYC or the Lincoln Memorial in D.C that means that the bus will drive by it. We didn’t stop at either location although we were sure to stop in a bad part of Philly for an all you can eat buffet at 9:30 PM. While at the restaurant I found out that the tour has been stopping there every Thursday and Sunday for the last 12 years. Funny how that wasn’t on the itinerary.
    The bathrooms on the bus were locked and not available for use and the hotel rooms were nowhere near the site seeing. Your hotel the first night will be in Newark, NJ, the walls will be thin, the hotel rooms dirty. You will take the bus into China Town in NYC on day 1 at 7:30 AM and nothing will be open except for an Asian bakery. will not even be the company to take you on your tour, they out source to Paradise Vacations, an Asian run company that has a New York office, only none of the employees speak English. This explains why was unable to provide me with a detailed itinerary before the trip.
    The price…it’s too good to be true. Don’t do it. You will need a vacation from your vacation.

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