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We were on the 7-Days tour from LA to SLC. After some 20 hours’ flight our party of four were expecting to be met by the tour operator. As instructed we were told to be on the lookout for person(s) in yellow jacket from Seagull. Instead, we took more than 15 minutes to finally find them. They were not apparent at the exit. We asked many other people with signboards whether they know people from “Seagull” or seen anyone in yellow. After waiting and looking for a while we left the exit area and went “hunting” for them. Finally, when most of the crowd have dispersed, we saw two persons in yellow jackets some 20 yards away from the exit leaning against the wall talking away nonchalantly. There was neither sign nor indication that they were who they were. They were not even making an effort to identify themselves nor looking for their customers. What an attitude!! What a start to our tour!! If we thought the above-mentioned was bad we were in for another surprise. We have had been on many tours in Europe, Middle-East, China, and South-East Asia – this tour guide was the worst ever. He is not suitable for this industry at all. He is not customer oriented, rude and at times condescending. Worst still, he spoke English in an accent that we couldn’t understand most of the time – we heard some English speaking passengers at the back of the coach asking for him to speak clearer and louder but these didn’t change anything at all. The guide gave all his instructions/directions on the coach and expected his group to understand, know and remember what and where to go at every destination/stop location. Luckily we could understand both Chinese and English and were better able to know what he was speaking about. His English version was not as thorough as his Chinese version. He claimed to have 10 years’ experience – but we believe it’s not more than one year’s experience repeated 9 times!! We saw other tour guides from other companies leading their group out of the coach and pointing out the directions to the tourists. Yes, tourists were told to be punctual and occasionally there were some who were a few minutes late - but that doesn’t justify the guide to be rude and even threaten to abandon those who would be late. He is so different from another tour guide from Global International who took us on the first part of a 6-Days tour from SF to LA – this guide even went out of the coach to look for the tourists and even phoned for those who were a little late (not more than 3-4 minutes). For your information, at one of the stops we met another tour operator (Salt Lake City Express) and were very impressed with the lady who was the bus driver. She was so friendly and a total contrast with what we got from Seagull. Tours4fun has to take note lest their image and reputation are affected. Performances of their partners / sub-contractors must be monitored for quality of good service. I have written a review on Tours4fun webpage and didn't get any response whatsoever - except to inform they have credited me with 50 points for the review. How could such incidents be allowed to happen to foreigners / tourists who are visiting USA? Are these incidents expected of companies in the service industries? What actions should or being taken to improve or rectify such poor image given of American companies? Consumers Beware!!!

Oct 27, 2015
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