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After booking a bus tour with TOURS4FUN well in advance, my wife and I flew to Salt Lake City and registered at the motel designated by Seagull/C&J Express - the tour provider. When we boarded the bus the next morning imagine our surprise to learn that we were given the last two seats on a Chinese group tour for our four-day Yellowstone, Grand Teton Tour Package The tour consisted of a Chinese tour guide, a Chinese driver and a large ethnic group that spoke only in Chinese. Throughout the trip the guide regaled the group with stories (apparently funny) and landmark highlights for literally hours on end over the PA system. Occasionally , between stories, a few words would be spoken in English but the guide's heavy accent made it difficult to understand what he was imparting to us. Most of the time, well over 95%, we sat there completely perplexed. The rapport with fellow travelers that usually develops on such a trip was impossible, due to the inability to communicate. The stares of some of the group suggested that they were questioning, as were we, why we were even on the bus.

In response to our complaint, TOURS4FUN stated that the Customer Agreement that we acquiesced to states that their tours are escorted by professional English or bi- or multi-lingual tour guides or drivers, and they have received some complimentary letters from many English-speaking customers. This response was totally inadequate. Agreeing to the possibility of a bi-lingual tour guide had nothing to do with the fact that we were unknowingly booked on an exclusive Chinese tour (even the bus windshield card designated the trip in Chinese), that was unprepared to offer any semblance of accommodation to English-speaking passengers. The experience was unpleasant and the vacation we looked forward to ruined. There are many well qualified tour providers our there and we recommend that TOURS4FUN be avoided.

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  • Vi
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    My family and I actually went on 2 tours with tours4fun last year and this year. Their prices are awesome and we were pretty satisified with their services too. When i planned the trip, i did some research on google and found out them. As i never heard of them at that time, i called the number on their website to make sure it is a real company. A nice lady named Julia answered my phone call. She was really helpful with everything. Their other customer service staff were fast and helpful in answering all my email inquiries too. My family and i went on their grand canyon helicopter and bus tours, the tours was operated in English and other passengers on the tours were from all over the world, not just from one country. It was really amazing to view the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam from the helicopter. I would recommend everyone to go on the trip with tours4fun.

  • Mi
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I booked a tour in New York (Philadelphia, Washington, Niagara and Bosten).
    Like described it was a Chinese bus tour. Altogether I cant complain. The Group was great, even I couldn't understand the non verbal communication worked. The tour guide spoke mostly Chinese but was all time anxious to translate it into English.
    The hotels where all up to the best. (Sheraton, Mariotte Hyat)
    The price/ performance is unbeat able.
    So If you are not afraid Chinese than I could highly advice the tour.
    Best regarda Michael

  • Ta
      14th of Nov, 2008
    -3 Votes

    In my opinion, tours4fun is not that bad as complained. My family just took a grand canyon air tour with tours4fun. The tour was in English only, i wish i could be English/Spanish, hehe. The whole arrangment was perfect, we had nothing to worry about during the tour. Views of Grand Canyon is breathtaking from the helicopter, I would recommend everyone to take the tour. Taciana

  • Ra
      8th of Apr, 2009
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  • Ch
      18th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This is a bad company to avoid using. They overcharged us and my friends. The customers next to us bought their tickets from for less.

  • Ca
      20th of May, 2009
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    I booked with tours4fun and yes, to be honest, some of their tours are priced higher, but i believe that what you pay is what you get. when i called their phone number, they were really nice and helpful. i called so many times because i had soooo many questions, since i had never purchased a travel thing before, but they were always very patient. i asked them about the english and chinese language issues and they had no hesitation that the tour i was interested in was not english only. they offered me other tours that were english only, but the price was too high for me. i really was concerned that the tour was going to be in 2 languages, but i took into consideration that the price of the tour and the places that i wanted to visit were all that i could afford and really wanted. they didn't seem to mind that i had so many questions or bothered them so much. they never pushed me to buy and that is very important to me since i wanted to take my time to think about my purchase. i went on the tour and was surprised that there were many different nationalities, not just asians. i'm really happy that i stuck to my choice. i got the service i deserved and visited all the places that i'll never forget about.

    Chi-min, seriously are you working for gotobus? everywhere i used to search for reviews, i saw some gotobus "ad" in the tours4fun categories.

    As for rani, the points that you get for a review is only worth a buck or two. i truly had a good time and seriously, it's worth raving and being happy about my vacation, rather than writing it for some points.

  • Bu
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I totally agree.. This was the worst tour I have even been.

    We took a 6 day tour to east coast US . Starting from the first day, we were received at the airport LaGaurdia but were made to wait there for atleast an hour and a half for the car to come and pick us up.

    Well once we were in the car, the driver was a Chinese who kept talking on the phone whilst driving all the way, we missed a major accident cause the driver wasn't paying much attention to driving I guess..

    Anyway the driver took us to a stop from where we sat in a bus with all Chinese people in it.. this was at the JFK airport. That bus was supposed to take us to our hotel ( when we asked the person who came to pick us up at the airport as to where our hotel is, we were advised that it was near the JFK airport, however the hotel that was booked for us was in New Jersey).

    It took us ages to reach New Jersey from JFK airport. An the cheery on top of the cake was that the bus driver didnt know the way to the hotel and the bus driver hardly knew how to speak English either... he kept on stopping on the road asking people, he could not call one of the organisers to confirm the road directions. I had to call the oragnisers to get road directions (being new to US it was hard for me to understand the directions too) but even after trying to tell the driver he could not find the place.. When we used to call the oragnisers to explain our driver the directions, the driver would just hang up the phone.. Wonder what was the reason... .. We kept on driving in New Jersey for over 4 hours... It was just frustrating... Finally all of us in the bus made him stop the bus at one point and called one of the organisers to come and pick us up at that spot.. and then we reached the hotel..No food, no water nothing was available till then...

    Well, after that on all the other days I would totally agree, the guide was Chinese and it was soo hard to understand his English accent. He would speak Chinese most of the time...

    They stopped for lunches & dinner at all the Asian places most of the time...

    At Niagara falls, we left just 5 mins before the night show was to start, everyone in the bus argued with the driver and the guide then let us be there for another 15 mins to watch the show, but they were so adamant to leave just 5 mins before 9 PM. And the reason was that the driver was very tired and we could not wait any longer... and if anyone wanted to stay then they will need to take a cab to the hotel and that the us would not wait... it was just crap!! everyone was pissed off but could not do anything. So we missed the Niagara light show by just 5 mins...

    Anywyas after that on our last day they again made us stop for dinner at the China town for their special Lobster Dinner.. I do not eat lobster and hence asked the guide if he could suggest some other place near by... the only suggestion he gave was there are lots of other restaurants in this China town have a look around... He was just soo unhelpful.. and it was not me who was not eating Lobster but were around 10 other people who wanted to go somewhere else.. but the guide said that I can not help everyone.. a group dinner has been organised but if you do not want to be a part of it then you have to find things for yourself...

    But I should mention that all the hotels that they had booked were very good...

    On the whole... we covered lots of areas and saw quite a lot, wchich was very good...
    .. but it always felt like we were in China and not US ... and I would not suggest any one who is NOT a chinese, or does not understand Mandarin/Cantonese to go on this tour...

    May be just the ENGLISH speaking tour would have been a much better option (but because I was tight on schedule I had to take this one)

  • Ye
      6th of Sep, 2009
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    We just returned from a 6 day Yellowstone-Mt.Rushmore which included stops in 5 states... the tour was booked thru tours4fun who is actually an agent...the tour was actually run by AMERICANASIA tours.
    Turs4fun advised that the 55 passenger bus would be mostly Asian, but the tour would be bi-lingual in Mandarin and English...If I wanted another tour in just English they would accomodate.
    I was one of five caucasians aboard, and found the group polite, respectful and most spoke English.
    The tour guide "Mark" was fantastic. He had a grasp of history which made the 6 days most informative and enjoyable. The bus was new and comfortable, and the driver "Mel" a chap from Utah couldn't do more to make us feel safe and comfortable.
    The price was very good and the hotels were fair to good... the worst being inside Yellowstone, which were like cabins, but yet ameneties like tv, etc... but it was a good experience. The restaurants we stopped at sometimes were Chinese, but always had an option for something else if Chinese was not desired. I liked the fairness of Mark who rotated everyone three rows back every day... this gave everyone a chance to sit in various places on the bus from front to back. The bus stopped every two hours for a break, which kept us all alert and comfortable. Movies were shown on longer runs in English with Chinese subtitles.
    All in all, I would personally recommend this trip for someone who really wants to see these fantastic places in the can go to to get info.
    Rich Anderson, Boca Raton, FL

  • Jo
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    I agree the seagull tour provides sucks. They only speak in Chinese and when they beg for the tip at the end of the day, then only they beg in english. They are stupids.

  • Co
      1st of Jan, 2010
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    BE WARNED! Don't book from this website if you want to enjoy your tour !!! This tour is 95% chinese. Speaks Chinese, Thinks Chinese, Breathes Chinese. They all speak Chinese in the bus, you will definitely feel left out. Drivers, tour guides, passengers - ALL CHINESE! No aircondition in the bus - driver refused to put even the fan on. Windows were all misty with passengers breath during the entire tour, and nobody cares if you couldn't see anything outside. All we could see was each others' faces inside the bus !!!And BAD HOTEL- very Filthy. And at the end of the tour, you will be forced to pay a mandatory tip- AT THE THEIR OWN RATE- not a dollar less!!! Awful, disgusting, horrible tour!!! Find another tour agency!

  • Ia
      4th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I booked a 3 day Grand Canyon Tour departing from LA with Tours4Fun.

    Thank God i was with fun people, coz otherwise my trip would have been horrible. There was no indication on the tour's features/description that this was going to be a dominantly Chinese tour. After i had checked out I noticed a footnote saying that the tour would be translated to was more like the tour was in Chinese and poorly translated to English. The bus tour was with Sea Gull Tours. The tour guide was nice, but the bus driver was HORRIBLE! He yelled at me for having a cup of coffee on the bus at 6AM after we found out there was no breakfast provided and the only option was a starbucks in the hotel...PLUS he himself had a cup of coffee on the bus! he had his coffee but made me and my friend throw ours away just like a effing Chinese dictator.

    Tours4fun correctly indicated the $57 fee to get into the grand canyon, but on the bus going to the grand canyon we were instructed to give them $67 because lunch was 'included' in the package, and they wouldn't let us opt out of it. They only offered 2 gross chinese meals for lunch...waste of $10.

    We didn't actually go on a tour of the hoover dam... we stopped at a lookout point/parking lot and had 10 mins to take pictures. we might as well have not stopped.

    Overall, the only good thing about the trip was the affordability, but i would NEVER book this trip again, nor would i recommend it to a non-Chinese person.

  • Ja
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    loudon ko

  • Gw
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    An Australian I travelled with Tours4fun to Yellowstone in June 2010. I had read some negative travel blogs about this company and was having second thoughts. It was a great trip with good value. While half the passengers could speak very little English everyone mixed and the tour leader took lots of time to make sure we all knew each other. I found my travelling companions on the web site attached and thought it worked very well. Thanks Tours4fun, great memories. Gwen Davis (and no I am not involved in the company).

  • Su
      5th of Jul, 2010
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    Just came back from a trip with this company. It was totally inadequate - I would not mind the bilingual approach but the content was so inadequate. The guide did not know very much and kept treating us like we were five years old. She is apparently new to the country and kept talking about the customs in the US. That would have been fine if we got something about the subject of our trip too. It was hard to develop a group spirit in this tour and I will definitely NOT be repeating this one !

  • Un
      11th of Jul, 2010
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  • Mi
      21st of Aug, 2010
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    Last week we were part of the 4 days rocky mountain tour and we have to say we were pretty disappointed.
    Starting our trip was difficult. The tour guide forgot to pick us up. We waited at the pick-up address on our ticket but the tour bus did not come. We dialled the emergency number on the ticket and a man with a strong Chinese accent answered. His English was poor and he could not understand us. We were told that they weren’t even sure that a bus would come to get us. After waiting for 2.5 hours a woman picked us up to bring us to the bus. The bus had left without us and although our names were on their list, they had us at a different pick up point.
    After boarding the bus, we were asked “You speak Chinese?”. We soon realized that we had were now part of a Chinese tour. This is not what we booked. The only place on your website that it mentions the tour could be bilingual is in the Questions&Answers section. Our tour could not be considered bilingual. The tourguide spoke very little English and although he translated at times, it was often not understandable. Things were not explained properly and sometimes we did not know what happens next or when to be back on the bus.
    Even the other people on the bus were confused why two “white people” were on the bus. It was not a good feeling. The tour guide told us that if we were not on the bus he would not have to speak English. It was clear that we were viewed as outsiders and that made us feel badly.

    How is it that we ended up on a Chinese tour with Grand Holiday when we booked a English tour with Tours4Fun? We would never have booked the tour had we known. Also many of our friends planned on going on a tour with you, but we are certainly not recommending to them. 2 other friends of ours who also did the tour 2 weeks before and had the same thing are going to write a complaint letter.

    The tour also catered to the Chinese tourists. We stopped at Chinese restaurants at each lunch and dinner. Even for breakfast! If we wanted other food we needed to walk and find another option. There was often only 30 minutes to eat thus this was very difficult. It also took away from our sightseeing time. Everything catered to the Chinese guests. There was Chinese music on the bus. The final day of our tour we stopped at a Chinese factory which was not on our itinerary. Most of our sight-seeing stops were very short, but at the Chinese factory we stayed for over an hour. Others on the tour also complained that there was no enough time at the viewpoints. If you had to use the bathroom, there was not enough time to take pictures.
    It was just terrible.

    Now the tour wouldnt reply on our complaint.

    I just advice not to book with them, expensive with NO Quality at all!

  • Dg
      25th of Nov, 2010
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    When I booked our 10-day (West Coast) tour from Tours4fun I was expecting to have a tour like the pictures shown in their website. It appears to be very colorful, cordial, warm and pleasant.
    Here are my observations. When we arrived in the airport we were picked up by an indifferent driver who just dumped our baggages and ourselves in a van and delivered us to the hotel. In the following 10 days we were picked up by indifferent and sometimes arrogant tour guides. Sometimes when we ask questions we were given wrong information. I do not expect this thing from a tour guide. One time I was asking some important informations, the tour guide turned his back from me before I finished asking. One guide speaks long litany of another language and short English translations. It is so frustrating. But 2 tour guides were nice, namely Roger and Michael.
    The group we were put in the tour is generally not pleasant as they do not speak English. Some are rude and abrasive. But some busmates are nice and polite. The bus scheduling is horrible. One time in Barstow, in the middle of the tour, we were instructed to transfer buses. So we had to unload our heavy baggages and load them in another bus. When we boarded the bus our family were seated separately at the back portion of the bus. One time we were supposed to leave from the hotel at 7am so we were already inside the bus waiting. I looked at my watch and found out it was already 8am still not moving so I went to the rest room to relieve myself due to the long wait and to get ready for the long ride. The tour guide uttered angry foreign words with grrrr sound.
    We were always in a hurry so we could not take good pictures. That is why I do not have pictures like those in their website. We always stop and eat in dirty Chinese buffet restaurants with dirty toilets.
    The hotels are good though.
    As a whole, I would not recommend this tour to my friends or they will curse me. Sorry Tours4fun, you delegated us to Sea Gull Holiday tour agent that is why. Maybe next time you should get a better partner. Or else you will not get repeat clients.

  • Ke
      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    They charge an extra $6 per day per person a fee for the driver and tour guide. Aren't they paid by the company already? That's an additional $36 added to the $230 price for 2 people.

    They charge extra for the "City Tour" of SF that lasts for about 3.5 hours, which should be included. Pay or they drop you off in the middle of downtown to do what you want and pick you up later in the evening. So Golden Gate and Pier 39 only included in SF tour unless you pay for extra.

    They take you to a couple of Chines Buffets, which up charge you since you "came of the bus". One place charged $11/person if you were one of the tourists but only $8 for locals as posted in their flyers. When I asked about it, they made up excuses for the additional charges. Hidden charges? Why need to mark how many tour bus people entered in a log book if the company doesn't get a cut of the up charge. Same thing for the hotel accommodations.

    Stops at various places were short and hurried. Yosemite only stops included the Yosemite Lodge with 20 minute sight seeing of Yosemite Fallls. Second stop is the "Tunnel View" of Yosemite Valley. Scenic overlook of valley but that's it for another 20 minutes. After that you're on your way out of Yosemite for a long nauseating ride down the mountain to Fresno.

    Overall OK if touching certain points of interests but a bit too hurried to enjoy sights completely and the extra charges are discouraging.

  • No
      11th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was on the $25 new york day tour from goto bus and I was literaly cursed by my family all along the tour. first they take you in a closed mini van across new york, then the tour guide is chinese, who doesnt know english, then they charge you extra for tour guide as well as the driver which is the same guy, then they charge you extra for the city attractions $75 for three things rockerfeller madam tussads and new york taxi. if you visit the gotobus site they would ask you not to buy the new york city pass which costs around $85, but when they charged $70 I was surprised. also you can take the new york pass atleast you can see other attractions when the 8 hr tour is over in about 5.5 hrs

  • So
      18th of Jun, 2011
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    My family just came back from the Hawaii 7-day island tour. We were very disappointed with our experience with this company and will not be using them again. When we arrived in Honolulu we discovered our tour company was actually "China Travel Service, Inc." not Tours4fun. The itinerary we were given when we arrived was mainly written in Chinese. We had to wait for another arriving flight before we could be taken to our hotel. This is not what we wanted to hear after our 8+ hours of travel time.
    Our average daily tour was with non-English speaking tourists. When we were leaving our tour of Pearl Harbor we were told to hurry up and get on the bus because the inspectors were there that inspected the tour buses and the guide did not want our bus to be inspected. We wondered why this was a problem. Our itinerary was also changed without any notification to us. We were suppose to spend the night in Maui and spend the next day on the Big Island. However, we went to the Big Island first spent the night and then only spent the day on Maui. No one communicated this change to us. Our itinerary even had flight numbers for the flights we were suppose to take. Once we were at The Big Island our tour guide informed us she would do her best to translate her tour to English but she would be speaking in Chinese. While on the bus traveling we felt like we were missing many sites because nothing was communicated to us or we were told about a site after we had already passed it. She also indicated that our next day in Maui would be difficult because the person there did not speak much English and we should try to find a Chinese person in our group to help translate. (at this point in the tour we were the only English speaking people in our group) When we arrived at Maui the first thing the guide said to us was "you speak english?" we said yes and he said "You know this is a Chinese tour?" He informed us he would speak only in Chinese while on the bus and would try to translate some things once we reached our destination. At this point we were furious and contacted the customer service department at Tour4fun. We were told all they could do is contact our guide and ask him to speak more English. We indicated this was not the tour we had paid for and all she could offer was they would try and contact the guide. We explained we had booked our tour through Tours4fun not "China Travel Service, Inc.". She would not address this. After the phone call, the guide ask us "Why did you even book this trip?" We told him we booked through Tours4fun not China Travel Service, Inc. He said "Oh, you booked through email." After this he did not speak English to us. He did accommodate us for lunch and dropped us off at a McDonald's when we told him we did not want to eat at a Chinese buffet again. The whole time we were at Maui we had no idea what was going on. The bus dropped us off at the beach and it was not until we were out and away from the bus that we realized we were at the beach! (there is a mall you have to walk through to reach the beach)
    While in Honolulu we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were encouraged by our guide to split from our group since the center was in English and our group would be going with a translator.
    This tour is not designed to accommodate English speaking tourist even though it is advertised that they do. Do not book your trip through this company if you cannot speak Chinese. The guides were very aggressive at the end of the day making sure they received their tips. However, the tipping guidelines were printed in Chinese on our itinerary. We were told by them we were required to tip $2 per person for any travel to or from the airport and $5 per person for a daily tour. The $5 per person is an insult when no English is spoken!

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