Tophatter / i returned products to sellers without tracking number. tophatter support will not help me with this problem.

Gulf Breeze, FL, United States

I sent back items to the seller without a tracking number because it would have been more than I paid for it. I of sellers returned a letter to today they receive item ever day and just said sorry. I think the some of the seller's are not honest companies.. Because of the way I returned there products they just say sorry. No they have the items back they just reseller the items again. I knew the sellers were dishonest I wouldn't have sent the product back I paid for the seller and sent back. So I know i'm honest but lost over $300.00 plus shipping but ways. I think tophatter support should still help in this matter, but they know the sellers I sent back too. All they did told me I couldn't buy anything anymore. I think tophatter is sram. Just won't help the even if buy didn't have a tracking number they knew who the sellers are and didn't get after them to help get my money back so i'm out $300.00 and the cost of return the item. I have sent letter to each of the sellers to refund my into tophatter or just send me a check for the product. I hope you post this so anyone else will lose money from tophatter and his sellers.

May 6, 2017

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