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You mean I really have to give one star can I not give any stars at all they do not even deserve one star they are so bad .They not only rip off buyers but also the sellers. They suckers sellers into wanting to sell more . I was specious of what was going on the whole time it took me a month to figure it out that Tophatter is a company ran by scammers. I am too honest and felt bad for selling 1 item I bought for 1 or two dollars then the bidders would pay 18 for it. What was going on? I would send extra items to the winner cause I felt bad for how it all worked. But not only were the buyers being scammed by buying cheap items at inflated prices but the sellers are getting scammed by the people running it. I got banned because I would talk to the customers and sell my products to them directly at a fair price and fair shipping rate.Tophatter staff read my conversations They did not like this at all so they banned me for life.Thank you Tophatter for this.They would trick the sellers into being hooked on the sale. My first sale was to a guy named GENE well I signed up a second time just to see what would happen You guessed it again my first sale was to GENE go figure..I Canceled the 2nd account right away. I know they have their own staff bid on sellers items so they would not get scheduled into another auction so that the only other options the seller would have to sell a item was what they called partner auctions where after only one partner auction I seen they take over half of what you make in sales and then some but want to give sellers 1099's for the total gross sale meaning if I sold 500 dollars worth of items I only made 200 they kept 300 they would 1099 sellers for the full 500.This has got to be tax fraud case or something. The IRS need to check into this site and go thru their sales records. I found flaw after flaw in the short time I was a seller and they seen I knew what was going on. You can make up new user names and bid on items unlimited amount of times and any email address will work even if its not real like [protected]@nothing .com. Unlike other selling sites you have to confirm your email address.Not this one.The staff is very unprofessional and very young. One seller told me 12 year old kids in a garage could do a better job at running a site like topphatter. I now believe him. If the sellers would band together they could have a class action lawsuit against this Tophatter site for unfair dealings. BUYERS SELLERS ALL STAY AWAY from this site.
Also I just noticed ...look up top here on this site above my review LOL
This business is not yet responding to reviews.
O Yea I would not claim it or respond either if I owned the site . Goes to show how crooked they are, If anybody gives good reviews of this site it because you never shopped Walmart or A dollar store and dont realize that if you did you would find the same items alot cheaper.

Mar 11, 2016

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