Tophatter / 2 smartwatches and theft of $

I ordered 2 smart watches and the order showed would be delivered on june 2nd. When that date rolled around, I started searching and trying to locate someone to help me. The website showed that they were delivered may 10th to my address. Not true! I am home all day and night every day. They never came and my credit card was charged not only for them but dozens of other trash items that all went in the garbage. I got some of the fake coins that show on the website to be 'silver'. These people need to be arrested and locked up. I am having to close my paypal account and they are going after these crooks.
Do not ever bid on this site. They are scam artists and will milk you dry!
They run this site just so they can get your credit card info and use it over and over!!
Somebody stop them!

  • Updated by Janie Malone, Jun 09, 2018

    Folks, my credit account has been charged over $1, 000 for items I never purchased from this site and certainly never received.
    Warn all you friends not to bid on Tophatter.

Jun 09, 2018

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