TomTop / It's Russian Roulette

TOMTOP is the worst seller I encountered ever
TOMTOP has strong attachment in taking money and once they take your money they do nothing right regardless of wrong product delivery, dead product delivery, no delivery, etc., just pretends and tells to do things right but moves intentionally slow, repeats meaningless replies, often lies, anyhow tries to kill time, repeats same things above until you give up.
They do them all intentionally knowing that they give you disgusting time and sooner or later you will give up.
In my case, they sent me wrong product and one dead product but tried to avoid the return by slow and intentional meaningless replies and once accepted the return with promise of refund with postage then they took 38 days to acknowledge the receipt of my returned product.
Then, again tried to avoid the refund by repeating meaningless replies.
The reason they repeat meaningless reply, try to take time in every moment of communication and take 38 days (in my case) to acknowledge the receipt of returned product is just they know them all give you disgusting time and expect you to give up.

So, ordering something from TOMTOP is just like playing Russian roulette or driving a car without insurance.
If you could receive the exact product which you ordered, you were lucky.
However, if you believe TOMTOP by that one success and want to become TOMTOP repeat buyer, you look to be a volunteer for a suicide bomber.
You can find so many victims of TOMTOP scamming by simply search Web by words “TOMTOP SCAM”.
Everybody tells that once you sent them money, you will not see it again when you have problem with their delivery but left with nothing or garbage plus disgusting months.
Time is important, so, do not order from TOMTOP, do not play Russian Roulette with TOMTOP.
Search Web by words “TOMTOP SCAM”

Apr 02, 2016

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