Tomtop Groupproduct still processing a week later

L Aug 28, 2017 Review updated:

Can you please tell me what is going on with order number AN17H21R0826-0IXME7

It still saying processing since Order date: [protected]:08:26

I have sent you a message through your web page and you have not replied.
I then sent you a message on facebook where you tell me they are out off stock to which i replied asking when do expect them back in and maybe could I change for a different android box maybe one that is in stock and you have not replied to this either.
I go on facebook this morning and now you are advertising FOR SALE the exact same decooler android box that I ordered .
Can you please give me an update on this and let me know what is going on ????????????

The reason I ordered off your site is that you said 7-12 days delivery, it is now 7 days and the order is still processing, also you say your support is very good but I am receiving no positive feedback.
This is not a great start to a first time buyer.


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