TLGreatfun / unauthorized withdrawal

I too check my bank account daily for transactions. This charge for $12.99 was there with the phone number and the company name of TLGreatfun. I had no idea where it came from. After calling them I found out that it came from an online purchase I made a month ago. They had obtained my credit card info and applied this fee stating that I had authorized them to do so. I never go for those gimmicks when I buy something and I DID NOT click on anything that would authorize this fee. I have been reading the other complaints about this company and it looks like they continue to rip people off even though they have cancelled with them. I called my bank and got my card flagged. This means that card is useless for the time being on my account. The bank is issuing me a new card which will have different info on it. Any transactions that now come through on the old card will be rejected by the bank. The bank said this happens all the time. We are not wealthy people and my bank account balance usually reflects exactly what I have and spend each month. A charge of only $12.99 can throw things off a great deal and result in fees from my bank and the legitimate companies I do pay each month. I am also going to contact Walter Drake as they are the online company with which I did business last month. Also, I feel it would be a good idea for anyone with a complaint to contact their Better Business Bureau. I threatened TLGreatfun with this type of action and they agreed to return my money. I'll believe it when I see it!

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