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[Resolved] Timeshare Release Now / Timeshare Cancellation

1 222 St John StPortland, ME, United States Review updated:
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This man is a fraud with fake contracts and a fake company!!! He is in a concrete room in an office building at 222 St John st. I had to see if the rumors were true for myself. I had then contacts other members of the office building and they also confirmed. I then went to his ridiculous office myself and demanded my money back and all the owner did was swear at me and lie and say he was canceling my timeshare. Dustin Lemelin or better known as Dustin Michaels according is a fake along with his company, contract and website. I also learned he was brought up on charges for cocain procession to make things that much better. My credit score is now ruined, and I am out $3, 000.00 Please someone stop this man from taking people money. He doesn't even take credit cards, he bills invoices through pay pal. Below are two attachments. One is his old business card with his real name, the other his a more recent screenshot of his website with his fake name involved! Please someone help us!! This man continues to take hard earned money from good people!

Timeshare Release Now
Timeshare Release Now

  • Resolution statement

    Timeshare Release Now customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

Jan 20, 2016
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  • Tr
      29th of Jan, 2016
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    Fake Company with a fake office... Really, pictures are proof. What do you have

  • Ja
      3rd of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    These are false Claims, I am Attorney who represents Dustin M. Lemelin of Timeshare Release Now. Whoever is writting these posts will be subject to Lawsuits in the court of law. I will be contacting to get the contact info for persons responsible for stating these false claims. Dustin M. Lemelin DID NOT commit these crimes, I can provide supporting documentation of these claims. After research with these above posts, Not 1 of these have been customers of Timeshare Release Now. Curtis Weston is FAKE complaint, and I know who is doing this. Doing my research, these are old disgruntled employees trying to slander Dustin Lemelin and Business. I will be representing Dustin Lemelin, with this matter moving forward.

  • Tr
      25th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Jason G. These responses need to be REMOVED as they are not represented by Timeshare Release Now. A past employee is writing false negative things against Timeshare Release Now to make them look bad. These are all false reviews nor does V.Bartlett have any affiliation with Timeshare Release Now. THESE NEED TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!

  • Mi
      5th of Feb, 2018
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    @Jason G. I have no idea if you are still viewing these boards or not, but I feel like i'm in a desperate situation. Apparently, Dustin passed away on January 22nd 2018. I thought he had sent some paperwork off to the resorts I've been working with him on, but I just tracked, and they've not been shipped. So, per his instructions, I've not paid or contacted the Timeshare Resorts since Last August. For all I know, the paperwork needing to go to the resorts for cancellation request are sitting in his office, and I've not been able to identify any one who is potentially taking over his case files. I feel awful that such a young guy has passed, and left behind a young son, but I'm also in a situation where I'm thousands of dollars behind now on payments, with no way of knowing what the next steps are. I see from your comment that you've represented Mr. Lemelin and his business in the past, and I'm hoping you can offer some advise with this dilemma I'm facing now. Thank you.

  • An
      10th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Michael Harris Hello Jason: We're in the same situation, per Dustin's advice we had stopped making all payments to Diamond Resorts as well as the Credit Cards since July 2017. Apparently none of our cancellation papers were mailed and we are thousands of dollars behind, not to mention what it has done to our credit. We are in our 70's and we are really over stressed and our health is suffering just worrying about what will happen next. Please, let us know if there is someone that we can contact in regards to this matter. Thank You.

  • Mi
      11th of Feb, 2018
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    @AnnMaria So, I'd say this much. Don't let it stress you..Nothing is worth affecting your health, even a situation as messed up as this. Other advise given by the attorney I saw yesterday...Figure out a way to settle the credit card. Whatever the dispute with the Timeshare, the credit card is a 3rd party finance company, who had nothing to do with it. I just received an email from them to setting...What I'll try to do is arrange to pay the original amount charged, Less what I had already paid, and any fees/interest/penalties. At this point, I'm sure after months of non-payment, they'll take what they can get, and be happy given the situation. Also, he advised me to Pull a credit report to see if the diamond stuff is even being reported. Early in out process, he did send off the credit protection stuff, and at least one round of paperwork. It was this last/final round where he passed before it got sent off i suspect. The timeshare may not even show on the credit report at all. I know as of September/October, it was not showing up as I needed to finance a vehicle with a local credit union, and they saw nothing held against the credit. The real hit came from stopping the payment with Barclays. I'll be calling them this week to see about a settlement. With the timeshare, and this is something you'd need to reach out to an attorney for, but finding out what's the worse they can do if it goes into foreclosure. As far as I understand, you'll just lose any legal tie down and it will be resold. At that point it may hit the credit as a foreclosure and stay on your credit report for 5-7 years...but as long as they cannot garnish you income in any way, or go after your home/assets..then one option he said was to just do nothing. Of course, if there are any major purchases that need to be made that have to be financed, this will hurt that. Hope this helps.

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