Time Warner Cable / package/communication lack

All my financial dealings are on line n paperless statements. My most recent bank statement, dec.1 showed me that $172 was my monthly cost for triple play. I never knew this and I never learned what my package contained. I do not need all this for which I am billed monthly. Called a rep who referred me to another rep. It would be preferred that customers get notice that the regular triple play is now in effect and these are the services you are paying for: xyz. I never learned that my "trial/special package was done and I was paying all this for services I never use!
So-when a trial and all the seductive"services"are up, please inform the customer that and what they will pay once the"special"is over. If I need to go to paper statements I shall but that is a waste of paper. Commu ication with the customer is vital. I received no notice about the status of my account other than a extremely raised bill.
Frustrating to go on line and"talk"with someone on chat. Are they real people or programmed? Responses didn't seem to be"human".
Certainly we learned about spectrum via the media... How great it would have been to learn about the new name/service with an email, perhaps, to let existing customers know that we are valued.

Dec 02, 2016

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