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Today I have been informed by timbercreek they have deducted 70$ out of my deposit cheque for cleaning. That's a joke we spent 5 hours cleaning our 2 bed apartment prior to moving out. Anyone who knows cowie hill apt bock will know how filthy the building is and the superintendents never do any cleaning. The elevators are disgusting and so is the laundry room. When we moved in we never saw our apartment until the day as the previous tenants where being evicted. When we moved in it was never cleaned, there was still food I the refrigerator and mood in the bathroom. We had to spend 6 hours cleaning it while our movers waited outside, then we had to clean the carpets as they were infested with fleas. Down the months as the apartment block was infested with mice and cockroaches. Nothing got done about these complaints. I have photos of the apartment when we moved In and when we moved out and quite a few of the interior of the building. The management are appalling and the area manager is rude and abusive to you y email and phone. I complained to the head office who said they would look into it and nothing got done and I never even got a reply back from them. I stress heavily to anyone do not rent off them . The photos on the Internet of the apartment interiors look nothing like the apartment you get. We never had a check in report done and it took months to get any repairs done, in fact we gave up I the end and just put up with it. We decided to move out early and gave them the apartment back. We were assured by the building superintendent not to do any painting as he was going to paint it fresh for the new tenants. Now they want to charge us 85$ for painting. Do they actually communicate with each other! Really I can understand all the complaints people have about Timbercreek being Timbercrooks I totally agree and will never rent from the, again even if I am desperate, I have learnt my lesson from them. Please, please, please think before renting from them!!!

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  • Cl
      Dec 18, 2012

    I can't believe that someone would think this of this buidling. I have been living here for 3 years and have never seen a cochroach. I have seen a mouse, but did get results immediately when I told management. The staff here has changed and the new staff are wonderful, friendly and more than willing to do anythihg you want them to. He even changed a light bulb for me recently. There are alot of tenants that have been here a long time and we have seen so many positive changes over the years. Wendy, i think that is her name, has been so good at putting on Barbeques for us, christmas parties and even Halloween for the kids. The building is always clean. Sometimes the tenants are dirty in the laundry room, but it never stays more than a day because the supers clean it up daily. I have seen tenants spit and pour coffee in the elevator, but the supers clean it up everytime without saying anything. I love our building and have no plans on leaving. I know most of us tenants love it here. Timbercreek has done us good.

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  • Lo
      Dec 21, 2012

    To the first commenter, regarding unreturned deposit. The same issue had to me at a timbercreek building in hmt last dec 2011. During the out going inspection, it was signed off by the manager, as good to go with no charges. However, less than 2 weeks later we receive notification that they are charging us 40 for stove cleaning. I kept my apt spotless & left it in above-superior condition. I notified head office & provided proof with a copy of my out going inspection report which showed no fees. I advised them it was illegal & was promptly refunded my money. So pls remit your copy to head office showing no additional charges were to be applied at the time you moved & demand compensation and if they fail to provide a refund, contact your landlord tenant agency for your province and file a complaint. Timbercrooks are the worst & everyone needs to take a stand against them and their shady practises. I did & i also won a judgment against them for other reasons with our provinical enforcement board. Tenants have rights & pls do not be hesitant nor afraid to excercise them. Best wishes & Happy Holidays

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  • Jo
      Feb 02, 2015

    Management and the two fat ###ers that work there are ###. Be WARNED for your own interest stay as far away from this building as you can!

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  • Pr
      Sep 24, 2019

    I was living in 680 Parkland Drive Halifax for couple of years, during this period I was dealing in a nice way with the building managers (Debbie & Don) although this lady was very rude and disrespectful, I was avoiding her dealing directly with her husband who was a good person despite that he need many reminders to come and do any service or repair. In fact some of the repair for the old bathroom never happen also the heater covers promised to be replaced but never happened till I moved. Before we change our furniture, we asked them to see if some need the old one and to our surprise they took the furniture to their apartment, I thought this will make them happy friends.
    Last week this lady told me that my security refund (over $500) wouldn't be returned due to repair and cleaning. My wife spend days cleaning the unit before leaving and as I remember we didn't damage anything. The lady is very rude and shut the email in first argument.
    One day her husband came to our apartment for fixing small issue with the tab, he was drunk and smell like a glass of wine, it was a disgusting moment.
    I also heard my friend moved from there due to mice and cockroaches and his children were afraid, the lady turned this on him and asked him to leave although he was a new comer to Canada from Gulf.

    I warn any tenant from going to Timbercreek in Halifax, they give this lady & her husband the yearly recognition as the best building managers (internal staff vote :-) )

    Timbercreek management will not do anything about complains as they think they are the best, but the truth is that this lady will make every tenant's life a nightmare. Avoid Debbie Avoid Tibercreek!

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