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Timbercreek Asset Management / Company As A Whole

1 London, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

This company is by far thee worst rental company we have ever had to deal with. Over a span of 6 months, the amount of issues that we had with our apartment and all it's amenities was was beyond ridiculous.

First off let us state, when we signed the lease back in January, for a February move-in, both the rental agent and the building manager, and we quote, said that hydro (not included) would be anywhere from $60-160. Our first month, spent only using the laundry unit once, limiting use on hot water (since it was hydro), barely turning the heat on, never leaving lights on etc, our hydro bill was almost $400. In speaking with the building managers and the general manager, even after showing them the bill, the only resolve was the general manager suggesting "try cranking the P-Tech unit and see what that does to your bill". Sorry, we're both not geniuses or anything, but wouldn't that simply make the problem worse!? We turned the unit off at the breaker and refused to pay for it anymore. We lived without heat during the coldest months this year. Our bills slowly decreased but nowhere near the $60-160 that they quoted us in the first place. Never once was there ever an offer to assist in the payment of these outrageous bills, yet sometime within the 2nd or 3rd month Timbercreek was offering $500 to people who referred and rented from them. Funny how they're so willing to give money away, yet when an existing tenant has issues, there is no way they'd ever help financially.

Secondly, our unit was also right next to the garbage room. This meaning you barely get a solid rest since the compactor goes off at all hours of the night and will scare the living daylights out of you with the noises it makes, other tenants are disrespectful and decide it's necessary to throw their garbage out at all hours of the night/morning, and sometimes even feel the need to recycle their glass bottles down the chute, and last but not least, the garbage room gives off the most unpleasant of scents and disposes of them within the confines of your apartment, bringing along it's friends, fruit flies. The building managers and rental agent I'm sure know all of this when they're showing you the apartment, however the odds that they'd ever be honest and let you know this beforehand is highly unlikely. Had we known, there's no way we would ever rent the apartment we did. Downplaying the negatives of a unit just to rent them out and take people's money is just simply inhumane. Despite all of this, there was never any offer to make anything right. We continued to put in work notices, yet nothing was ever resolved fully. Changing out the P-Tech units twice, trying to change out the hot water tank, which was actually brand new, and never once offering up any sort of compensation for our extreme loss both financially and emotionally is certainly not how a business should be run.

To top it all off, after speaking with the general manager it was decided that our lease would be terminated as of July 31st and we would move out. Sixty days notice was given and plans were made to move out. The day before we move, me being the courteous people that we are, we called to let the new building manager know what the plans were. After things were all set, receiving a call back from the building manager and rental agent was something we weren't expecting. They called because no one had told them that we were moving out, what our reasoning was, and that sixty days notice had been given sixty days prior. How on earth can a business thrive or have any success if there is no communication? We truly don't understand.

And now, we sit here writing this complaint, to which we didn't want to have to write, all because in checking our bank account this morning, come to find that Timbercreek had taken rent out for the month of August two days ago. Words literally cannot describe how angry, frustrated and stressed the last 6 moths of both our lives have been. We will never refer anyone we know to Timbercreek, nor will we ever have anything good to say about the company and those who work for them. No one deserves to be treated like we have. Timbercreek has taken more than just our money from us these last 6 months. We are 24 year old adults, working two full time jobs each, barely being able to make ends meet when we live without many amenities that we're paying for, we refuse to have our situation go unnoticed any longer. To resolve this and all prior issues, we request some sort of refund and compensation for all our time wasted with this company. No one should be treated as we were and Timbercreek should want to make things right. Although, we're not holding our breathe.

Timbercreek Asset Management

Aug 6, 2015
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  • Ti
      7th of Aug, 2015
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    Hi Candace,
    We're very sorry to hear about the experiences you've had with our team. We'd like to connect so we can make this right. Please contact our Customer Experience department at and our Customer Experience Manager will be able to sort this out with you and for you.

    Thank you,
    Timbercreek Communities

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