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TICKETSNOW: I purchased BCS championship tickets from ticketsnow at approx 9-930pm on 12/7/08; as soon as OU won and was heading to the BCS championship. On 12/10/08 we received an invoice stating our tickets will be shipped approx 1/6/09. I immediately called and voiced a concern that if this date had been made aware to me prior to my purchase, i would have went with one of the sellers who stated their tickets were in hand and ready to be shipped. at no time was i ware that the vendors ticketsnow allowes to post their tickets for sale may not even have their tickets in hand and ready for sale. the ticketsnow agent called the vendor. the vendor assured the rep that they would have their tickets in hand and ready for shipping in the next two weeks and if they came in earlier they would ship immediately.

so i waited. two weeks went by, didnt hear anything. called ticketsnow again, who in turned called the vendor... the vendor told the rep that i would recv the tickets in the middle of the following week. i asked the rep to call back the vendor again for either the vendor still didnt have their tickets yet or they did not follow throgh and ship immediately as we were told. i'd be darn, they didnt have the tickets yet. at the end of this call, the vendor guarenteed that they would ship my tickets 1/2/09. between the rep and i we figured that since ups/fed ex was closed on 1/1 that they would have to have the tickets in hand by 12/31. i called 12/31.. no tickets in hand still AND they denied speaking with ticketsnow stating i would have my tickets shipped on 1/2/09.

so as i contine with this back and forth issue, here it is 4 business days before the game and the vendor still doesnt have the tickets. so we are expected to board an airplane for florida with no tickets in hand. i told ticketsnow that they charged my cc for the tickets and was only suppose to have been done when they SECURED my tickets. since the vendor still doesnt have the tickets, how did they secure them. i have requested several times for ticketsnow to hook me up with a vendor who has their tickets in hand... however they will not. at this point the only one who has met their obligation is me.. we pd for non-existing tickets. I have attempted to call the corporate number. however when you call the 815# it goes right back to the call centers. How do you like that one!! Ticketsnow reps must have a list of things to say to their customers who have been in my situation, for when i went on line to see if there were any consumer complaints about ticketsnow the verbiage which has been fed to me has been fed to other customers.

This whole thing could have been avoided if ticketsnow would mandate a note to be placed on expected shipping date.. for once again if i knew this vendor was not expected to ship until 1/6/09 i would have went with someone else... i have a feeling i will be praying for my tickets to show up. i will let you know what happens next...

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  • Wh
      Mar 15, 2010
    TicketsNow - bad ticket site
    3800 Golf Road Suite 125
    Rolling Meadows
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I went on to order ONE ticket for Conan O'Brien. I accidently clicked on the wrong number of tickets and ended up buying 7 instead. I called them and they would not work with me and told me it was up to the seller i mean scalper. They of course said the sale was final. They charged my credit card almost 900.00. Do not order tickets from this site ever.

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  • Jo
      Mar 15, 2010

    How is that their fault? You made the mistake. How about be a little more careful when buying stuff online and select the right amount?

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  • Ne
      Apr 02, 2012
    TicketsNow - overcharge of ticket price
    3800 Golf Road
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    2 tickets for game 40 at Citi field listed on ticket as $152. Invoice shows price at $249 plus service charge of $114.54 for a total of $627.49. My complaint is "is this legal?"

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  • Kn
      Jan 15, 2013

    We wanted Knicks tickets.

    We ordered from the link that was on the MSG (Madison Square Garden) web site.
    This is my first experience with We usually purchase via Ticketmasters. Yes I know TM owns them…so why all the bad reviews? Anyways we ended up purchasing two tickets ($3, 000+) for the Knicks game Easter Sunday 2013 in section 10. After we paid we read all the bad reviews and became nervous. We did receive the tickets via email the very next morning!

    We called to follow up and asked some questions. Jose and Colin helped us out. They offered great service and patiently answered our questions. Jeremy M. was also very helpful and professional with his email replies.

    We have yet to see if the tickets are good and if the seats/row are the same on the ticket. We expect to receive exactly what we paid for; specially based on the price we paid and the fact we are flying from California for this game! It is our Childs graduation/birthday gift and we will be furious if we are ripped off! If there are any issues we will take video and post our experience on this site and all other sites. Additionally we will involve legal counsel, our credit card company and all other legal and public means. We will be relentless for justice should this be a scam!

    Based on their excellent customer service SO FAR, we do not expect any issues. Stay tuned on April 1st 2013 when I will post the update!

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