Tickets NowStay away

I started to enter information to buy tickets for a show in Washington D.C.I called my wife before buying the tickets when she told we would not be able to go. I exited the web site and got an e-mail invoice a few minutes later from TicketsNow. I called TicketsNow immediately within minutes of getting the e-mail and told them I never hit a proceed button or continue button and that I don’t want these tickets. A woman there (Betty [protected]) with an Oh-Well attitude said all sales are final. I told her I hit the X at the top of there site to exit the program and that I never bought the tickets, anyway I disputed this with my credit card company we never went to the show and now they are charging me $215 for a show we never went to. This is bad business no matter how you look at it. I called them and my credit card company within minutes of the sale going through and again once my wife told me not to buy the tickets I exited out of the web site and somehow they (TicketsNow) proceeded with the sale !

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