Ticketbis Stubhubenglish premier league ticket - fraud and poor customer service

I purchased a ticket to see Manchester United through Ticketbis; I was given a guarantee that the ticket would arrive at my hotel by 10am on match day.
This was not a cheap ticket - but with Stub Hub on the name and a guarantee presented it would be ok right? Wrong: the ticket never showed up. After countless hours of dealing with multiple customer service agents all giving me a different story I had missed my transport to the game and no ticket arrived. An agent told me the seller did not come through but that they would try to find another ticket; I received a text from an unknown source claiming to be a seller that found another ticket - too late & no details about where the ticket was located in the stadium - no communication from Ticketbis Stub Hub.
When I inquired about a refund I was denied and insulted by customer service; I had to rely on my bank to get a refund by filing a FRAUD claim. Shame on Stub Hub having your name on Ticketbis - AVOID THIS COMPANY OR FACE BEING RIPPED OFF.

May 04, 2017

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