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The Wet Seal / Rude employees

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So, I decided to buy three pairs of jeans off of Wet Seal's online store. I was extremely excited to receive the jeans. They arrived, and I opened the package to find that there were only two pairs of jeans. I wasn't charged for it, but I was a bit annoyed that I had been waiting a while to get the jeans. However, I tried on the other two I had ordered. They were a bit tight, and I decided I needed a size larger. I folded them up and put them back in the packaging.

A few days later, I went to a local mall to exchange my jeans. I walked into the store, asked if I could exchange my jeans for store credit (because I found they didn't have the jeans I had ordered) and the girl behind the counter said yes, and told me to look around to decide what I wanted to buy with the store credit.

I found a pair of jeans and two shirts that I wanted, and returned to the counter. The girl who had been previously waiting on me was gone, and another one took her place. I walked up and gave her the jeans I was exchanging. She gave me a few dirty looks, but I'm used to it, being constantly judged, because I'm a teenager. She was ringing up one of the pairs of jeans I was returning and she ripped the tag off. I figured this was just the procedure or something, as I had never bought from the store before.

She then proceeded to ring up the other pair of jeans, and then noticed that the tag was missing on the first pair of jeans. I told her she had ripped the tag off, and there definitely was a tag on the jeans. She then denied the fact that there was a tag, insisting she hadn't scanned the jeans in yet. My friend and I both told her that she had in fact scanned the jeans in.

She looked at the floor and found the tag. I breathed a sigh of relief, figuring she would realize that SHE had been the one who had ripped the tag off. However, she proceeded to tell me, in an incredibly rude tone, that I must have done something to the tag, and therefore I had worn the jeans. I told her that maybe the tag was loose and came off when she had pulled on it, and she just kept denying it and accusing me of wearing the jeans and then returning them. I obviously hadn't worn them because the jeans did NOT fit. She told me the jeans were wrinkled, and I explained that that was because they were folded in the bag. She wouldn't have it, though. She shoved the jeans at me and gave me a very sarcastic 'Sorry' and gave me my other exchange and then called the next customer. Needless to say, I will not be shopping there ever again.

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  • Ma
      19th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    wet seal is the worst store, rude people work for them. the quality is terrible too. they are butchers with brutal killing of animals.

  • Ma
      19th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    wet seal is the worst store, rude people work for them. the quality is terrible too. they are butchers with brutal ki

  • Le
      12th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I bought a pair of jeans at the Wetseal in Corpus Christi TX at the La Palmera Mall. I admit I was in a big hurry and didnt bother to try them on because i had never had problems with that store in my life. Well the clerk rang up the jeans and I had left. I went home after a long day to try them on and they did not fit me at all. So i kept the receipt and never tore the tag off. The next day i go to return the jeans because i could not find anything that fit me in the store, so i tried to return them. The clerks were being very RUDE to mee and told me i could not get my money back because the return policy had changed. I read over my reciept and there was nothing stating about a new return policy so i told the clerk to show me where its at. Instead of helping me look over the receipt very rudly she said " UGH! ITS IN THE BACK OF YOUR RECIEPT!!" I turned the reciept over and it was blank and i told her. I told her "since its not on my reciept can i go ahead and return them?" She told me NO! that i have to follow the new RETURN POLICY because its on the new reciepts. My reciept was only a day old and none of the clerks told me that it was going to change within a day i even asked when I purchased the pants "If they do not workout can I return them?..the girls answer was Yes! I would of thought they would of still honored it because i had no clue it was going to change and nothing about the new policy was on my reciept . I will never shop at Wetseal again. Very ridiculous return policy and very rude people!!

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