The UPS Store / unsafe driving

Jasper, AL, United States

At 7:08pm on Wednesday, September 13th, in Jasper, Alabama, down Skyline Circle a delivery was made to my neighbor and the truck was speeding very fast down Skyline Circle which is a very short road, and gravel. He should not have been driving over 15 miles per hour, and he was doing 35 -40!
I came outside because he had to come past my home once again hoping he would slow down, never happened. This is a residence only road, no through traffic, so you understand this is reckless driving. I want something done about what just happened, and when you are finished with your investigation I want to be contacted by phone at 205.388.1569, or I will get son at Walker county sheriffs dept to handle it, thank you for your attention to this matter,
Joseph Harry.

Sep 13, 2017

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