[Resolved] The UPS Store / undelivered package

Chico, CA, United States

I am an ex employee of the UPS Store 1244 Chico, CA. I was terminated August 17, 2018. I had a package en route from The tracking says delivered August 24, 2018, but the employee Carousel Russell, informed me that it was, she 'thought' RTS (returned to sender). I went to the USPS Office and they had informed me that they never received a RTS package with the tracking number connected to my delivery. The store has multiple cameras to prevent things like this happening. I never stole from any of my co workers. I have a feeling they did not send it back, cause if they did there would be proof of tracking and there is none. I just want to make sure my package was not stolen. I need proof on camera that it was taken out of the store by a USPS employee and not a UPS Store 1244 employee. It is $160 worth of clothing. I will go to the police station and get a warrant to see the camera myself. I am so upset about this. I need proof stating that it was returned to sender or else AdoreMe. com will not refund me my money. [protected] I have screen shots of Carosel Russell informing me that she thinks Kiruu the manager "took it back." I can provide photos via email if I were to receive a response via email.

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Sep 18, 2018

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