The Ticket Clinichorrible customer service

Da Dec 04, 2018 Miami, FL

Their customer service agents are disgusting! "brenda" and "ebony" were both very rude and unhelpful. They refused to give me their full name or info of a supervisor that I could directly contact to escalate my complaint. I had to tell ebony "do not raise your voice at me" and continually tell brenda to not "cut me off and let me finish what I was saying".See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FL I still have yet to get my original questions answered or even the name of the attorney who represented me in court do to their lack of professionalism. Brenda put me on hold for so long that I clicked over, dialed customer service on the other line and was speaking to another agent before she even returned. Ebony did the same but when she came back she said that she was trying to reach a supervisor on the other line. Lies!!! I wish I would've read the reviews before I hired them!

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