The Kraft Heinz Companya-1 steak sauce [a-1 sauce]

Dear Kraft,
Are you watering down A-1?
We paid about $4.00 for a bottle of steak sauce and it was quite watery after vigorous shaking.
Surely other fans of this tasty sauce will also notice.
Our bottles numbers say use by:
19 JUN 2021
19: 58CP31
Those are the numbers.
We bought this in Columbia, SC.
How we feel -- Well, a local eatery that sells steak uses a very tasty steak sauce that is very similar to A-1 in taste and it is thick like the older A-1.
We feel like trying that for a few years and dropping A-1 IF we see any more watery sauce.
Please respond.
Randy Headley

Dec 12, 2018

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