The Jewelry ExchangeChipped diamond when they were re-setting stone

I had previously had a pair of diamond earrings purchased from here that were beautiful, so I thought why not go back there in May 2010 to have my engagement ring sized. I took it there because they do the work right on the spot. Unfortunately because of the diamonds on the band, they couldn't re-size it...Next option? Have it re-set. I pick out a very pretty and well priced channel set setting. They pulled the center stone out of my ring while I was still there so I could inspect it, (everything was fine) and sent me home with the original setting, sans the diamond. I was told it would be ready the next day.

I went back the next day to pick it up and it looked good. Maybe I was a little too excited to have it back, but I didn't notice until I got home that it was set more like a princess cut...which it's not. It's a cushion cut. Ok, so I was a little disappointed...I didn't necessarily want a "princess cut", but it still looks nice. I think I can deal with it. I also started to notice that one of the prongs didn't lay flat on the stone and it kept snagging things.

So a few months pass and I go back to get a wedding band because I had a gift card. I happened to mention to the sales lady that the setting on my engagement band wasn't exactly what I was expecting--that one of the prongs kept snagging clothes and if you run your finger over it, you could feel that it isn't flush to the stone like the others.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Villa Park, IL She basically told me there wasn't anything she could do about it and to deal with it. I should have known something was up.

So I was just at another local jeweler and he asked if I wanted my ring cleaned, which of course I did! He pulled out his loop to look at it and informed me that the center stone was chipped. Weird...when I looked at it before I had it re-set there wasn't anything wrong with it. He pointed out that the chip was caused by having it re-set, and it is in fact, in the same spot where the prong doesn't lay flat. He also informed me that this isn't a chip that would happen from bumping it, and said again, it happened when it was re-set. He also told me that in order to get rid of the chip, the ring would need to be re-cut--taking it from a 9 point to a 8 point (if they could even do that)--de-valuing it tremendously.

When I left that jeweler, I immediately called Jewelry Exchange. I spoke with Jean who informed me that since I had it re-set "some time ago" (the last time I checked, 7.5 months really isn't "some time ago"), there wasn't anything they could do about it, the chip wasn't their fault, and the jeweler is supposed to tell them if something happens when they are working on jewelry. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. I let Jean know that if we aren't able to get this resolved (especially since the stone is now de-valued), I would be contacting an attorney, and she told me to call back tomorrow and speak with Cathy the manager. We'll see what happens tomorrow, but for now I think everyone should stay away from that place.

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