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What A Scam...
Firstly my mother and I each brought our rings in to have missing diamonds replaced..I had only one small baguette diamond that needed to be replaced...Upon initially bringing my ring in the salesperson was helpful...However the problem and reason for my negative star post (and if I could have given them a -5*'s...I would have) After having my ring in their possession for two (2) weeks we returned to pick them up...firstly the customer service rep asked if we had our sales receipt..(which we did...but not on me the car) she then informed my mother that her ring would cost $486.37...on the receipt the amount was $ to increase the price of the repair by an additional $36.87 angered my mother...when I told her that I had the receipt and produced it for her noting that my receipt matched her receipt in price amount...I could not understand why the price increase..(smh) is this how they do not honoring the price given at the time of service???

Secondly...when It came to my ring..the one with the very small baguette missing which they charged $150.00 to replace...when the customer service rep handed my ring to me and my naked eyes immediately went to the one diamond that was visually different than the rest...I asked the question "why would you replace the missing diamond with an inferior quality diamond?"..she then took out her loupe and began to inspect the stone...I told her "there was no need to look at it through the loupe because you could see the difference with the naked eye!"...and again asked my question regarding replacing the diamond with an inferior stone. She contacted the manager named Michael who I proposed the same question too and his response was.." I would like to know that too"
(which made me feel somewhat better because he appeared to be the only one genuinely concerned..and professional) Michael took my ring firstly asking permission to do so to his manager and after several moments both he and she reappeared. Marie Goldman the manager with loupe on eye in hand began saying that "there's something going on with all of the diamonds"... which I said no!! and you can clearly see the difference with out looking through a microscope (she was not helpful at all and gave me the impression that she was looking for a way to place the blame on the ring and not the stone replaced!) After disagreeing with Marie...Michael then stepped in and took my ring from her and once again began to help correct the problem...he personally assured me that he would take of the problem with the poor quality stone himself and would have my ring repaired by Tuesday of the coming week...I agreed and again left my ring in their possession. On Monday I received a call from Marie saying that they have looked at the picture of your that we take on every ring that comes in for repair (which by the way they did not provide nor produce as proof for me on Saturday the day that I initially arrived to pickup my ring... Marie began to explain that the missing stone was the third stone from the top and not the second one from the bottom...and I explained to her that depending on the way that you looked at the ting it is either the third from the top or turn it around and it is the second from the bottom!!!...from any direction the stone that they replaced was of inferior quality...when I asked to speak to her superior Marie informed me that this person was not available...I asked for that person's name and was told by Marie that their is no name to be's a corporate office and that I could speak with someone in customer service...when I informed Marie that she had just told me that she answer's to someone she again said "I can transfer you to the customer service dept...I finally agreed only to be hung up upon...I called back and this time a gentleman named Tony(Anthony) answered the phone and after a brief conversation with him asking for the name of Marie supervisor he also refused to provide the the name of the person in charge (as I could hear him speaking to Marie in the background saying "this woman want's the name of your boss" and her reply to him was to transfer her to customer service..which I guess he tried to do but the phone somehow manage to hang itself up. After calling back for the forth time I again spoke with Marie and ask if she would have the customer service dept give a return call to me..which she replied .."I said I would do that from the beginning"...very as of today I am still waiting for a return call...however I will be picking my ring up and taking it to a reputable jeweler to have the inferior stone removed and replace with the correct quality stone to match the other stones. So the lesson I learned is that...I WILL NEVER again patronize the jewelry exchange in Tustin California nor recommend it as a reputable source to my friends and family for jewelry purchase or repair. I will have satisfaction and justice

Jun 05, 2018

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