The Jewelry Exchange / Goldenwest Diamond Corporation / engagement ring broken

Renton , WA, United States

Please see email text below to the local jewelry exchange...then the response and then my response. This is not right!!!

Hi Brenda,

So...this happened this morning, drying my hands with towel. My now husband purchased this on December 9th, last year. I haven't even been wearing it a year. I can't tell you how dissatisfied and disappointed I am. This should not happen, And I am very careful about taking my ring off to do certain tasks. We found our paperwork that states no warranty since we failed to bring it in for a 6 month check, you would have found nothing. So...I'm off to a reputable jeweler to spend more money to fix my broken ring! the ring did not appraise for I'm thinking you should stop advertising that any purchase is guaranteed to appraise for double...But I loved I let it go! I will never purchase anything from jewelry exchange again. I would have rather spent more for something that is better quality than what I purchased.

I appreciate your time.
Beth Ursino

Her Response :

Thank you for contacting me. I would encourage you to come into our store. We do have a one-year limited warranty. This looks like this is covered.

I hope to see you soon. Feel free to contact me at the store if you have any further questions.


The Jewelry Exchange
Renton, Washington

Mine back:

That's your response? How about..."we are so sorry this happened", " We will make it right" ...anything...!

There is no way I will ever trust jewelry exchange again.

I appreciate your time,

But your response lacked any kind of caring at all...


The Jewelry Exchange / Goldenwest Diamond Corporation

Oct 19, 2018

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