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Buyer be ware. The end of March I paid over $2, 000 For a sectional sofa, by April it was pitting. I called on they will only do repairs no refunds, quote their return policy. Now the sofa is falling apart, still the same. Ask to speak with a manager, they refuse. The do not belong to the Better Business Bureau and have thousands of complaints. Read the blogs and complaints yourself before buying anything. I know why they are called the Dump the literally Dump on you!

Aug 04, 2017
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      Feb 26, 2018

    Your post was like Deja vu lol’s mine I wrote on other sites but not this one ...Purchased a not so cheap sectional about 5 months ago from the dump where I live in NJ in those 5 months my couch has been serviced 5 times and it's a hassle each time I hope oh have at least a hour just to get ahold of customer service and expect no call backs you have to keep calling and demanding them to fix stuff under your warranty. I had to contact the Better business Burea for the latest problem with the couch which they told me they don't have the serial numbers to replace and ship parts mind you it's been serviced a couple of times now just for that piece of the sectional i had to keep calling and asking where my parts were which after a month waiting they responded they didn't have the parts numbers and neither did the manufacturer lol so I threatened immediately to go to social media and contact the local news amazingly right away they were going to replace my piece which I previously asked and was denied seeing it has been serviced so many times and paid a repairman more than that piece was worth well the next week I take off work for the delivery what do you know it's the wrong piece I call back they act like they don't understand and after so many phone calls they will reship it well today is the day I called after taking off work again they have no record of me calling or a shipment so after they not allow me to talk to a manger (happens frequently apparently the managers are on business calls every time) I ask to be called back still nothing I contact the better business buruea again and now I have to file against the manufacturer lol so I am in contact with them now didn't receive back after they said they would a hour from when I called it's been 2 hours. DONT SHOP HERE!!!

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