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I have a phone that was lost or stolen so I called to get a replacement phone. They did send me a replacement phone but it was a defective phone. After only having a phone not even 24 hours it was all kind of problems. I charged the phone that night and the next day it still showed it needed to be charged. I called several times and talked to several people about it and they and they all did troubleshooting over the phone but that was unsuccessful so they finally sent me another battery and charger which did the same thing and the phone still was not functionable. I couldn't make calls, drop calls using minutes that I'm not using, the phone gets so freaking hot I can't even put it to my face I have to talk on speaker phone I can get a call when it's not hanging up or freezing up and people say they call me and 98% of the time I don't even get their calls or messages and I have the phone right with me. I called again and was told that they could not replace the phone because it was already replaced and I told them yes it was but with a defective phone and they said they could not replace it again. The phone was a defective phone from the beginning and never functioned right and although it's a free phone it's the only phone I have for contact with my doctor's offices mainly is what I'm concerned about and being able to contact my family. If this is the way the government program works then they should just discontinued it. This is so crazy.

Nov 01, 2017
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  • Bo
      Mar 15, 2018

    I 'm looking for a battery for a umx u673c . and for a coolpad 5560s access wireless they did not have any. also they said they did not have a phone to send me.

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