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The greatest fraud. Ajarn koh, didnt send me the product I ordered for which he promised will reach me in 10days.. I paid us 700 for the product. Now 3 months passed but never received till now. After 6 weeks he said that he send by ordinary mail. So it may be lost in the post. He asked me send only us 100 to send by dhl. He said he wont charge us 700 again for the rituals. He said he is a thai man and buddhist. He said thai man are genuine and honest and will never cheat. He said I will receie within a week. But never receive till now. Both which he said send by ordinary post and dhl I didnt receive till now. I have never come across a fraud like him except 2 # from south africa. Ii complained to the postal authority in thaialand but no answer. The tracking number which he gave was not available when I track. He didnt send any. Eventhough he said he send twice. He is a fraud. Please dont waste money. He himself write testimonials and add in his web to cheat. He earns his living by cheating innocent people who beleived his words and seek his help. He says he is a true buddhist. Karma will pay him back.

May 2, 2017
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  • Re
      22nd of May, 2017

    Why don't you try to check your shipping address and make sure it is correct because is hard to believe your complaint as this master helped me in fast money spell, am rolling my eyes now and am like wow are you sure of what you are saying here.
    I am planning to order another spell from them soon which they will need to send to me, so my take on your complaint is if Ajarn Koh is a fraud how did he help me with their fast money spell? Not receiving items at times could be a problem of wrong delivery address, i have had similar issues with some sellers online which i corrected later and received my items. So better rearrange your shipping information it will help a lot.

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  • Hu
      9th of Oct, 2017

    Wow Michael, really? Are you just having some fun here or what?

    You know what? you had a transaction with a different Ajarn Koh, not this Ajarn Koh.

    Come on, today is my third week of using their lottery winning spell, and they sent it to me here in the United States. So go fix your shipping details something is wrong with it, you didn't get it right man..and how did you know that the testimonials on their website were written by them? Are you working with them or have anyone working with them? funny...

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  • Ca
      20th of Nov, 2017

    Yes, Michael is working with them to know that they wrote the testimonials on their website

    One thing for sure is once you make a mistake on your shipping information you are likely not going to receive your item, it has nothing to do with the sender. How do you expect the sender who is not living with you to know exactly how to write your recipient address correctly. This is something you must learn how to do yourself so that anytime you are buying something online you will not have a problem to receive it directly at your place, if not, it is either your item will be diverted to another place or even get lost.

    Therefore, do something with your recipient address and tell Ajarn Koh to resend the item to you, but you have to ask in a polite way. You don't need these hassles. This master is a very kind man. I don't know him as a troublesome person. I am talking from experience am a customer!

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