Texas Roadhousesteak on mother's day

My family which consists of myself, my husband and 3 sons ate at your location in Sevierville, TN. We sat in large booth in the bar area and the server was ok, definitely have had better. Anyways, i order my steak medium, when it came out it was rare with blood all over the plate. After about 10 minutes we finally was able to wave down our server, who had not been back by, and i showef him the steak. He took it back and aboyt 5 minutes or so and Jeremy the manager brought it back. It was medium rare at this point. He agreed it still wasn't cooked correctly and took it back. At this point my family was completely finished eating. When he returned it was overcooked and a very medium well to well. He asked if it was ok and i said i guess so.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sevierville, TNWhen the waiter returned i explained it was overcooked amd he apologized. When the bill came, i told the waiter i was suprised they hadn't reduced my meal due duemy steak. He said the manager hadn't deducted anything and if it was up to him, it would be free. We live in Maryville and was already there too long so we left. The longer i thought about it the more upset i got. It was my Mother's day meal and i chose to dine with your restaurant out of all the many other places to eat. I called the manager and he said i should have said something before i left and he didn't remember me, that he had several issues today. He didn't apologize and was quite unconcerned about my complaint. I just feel like something should have been done to remedy this. Our dinner was around $60, i did have a kids meal token, but very disappointed in the matter in which this was handled.

May 14, 2017

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