Texas Roadhouseemployment

I had received a call last Monday about employment I was very busy so I told the manager on the phone that I would come in next Monday for an interview Since he only did interviews on Monday.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Muncie, INI waited until 4:00pm that day so they could open and I called after 15min of ringing finally someone answered I asked the lady if I could talk with the manager about my interview scheduled that day after waiting another 10 min he got on the phone and said who is this I introduced myself and told him I had a interview today it was a different manager that does the front of the store apparently this job was for the back he was very rude when I wanted to find out about my interview and told me he was the only one there fine ok apparently he couldn't interview me..? this store lacks ppl willing to help you if I got a interview why in the world was I turned away I got 2 kids and wife and need the job an explanation would have been nice and this was the Muncie store if anyone can resolve this issue gladly reach me by phone [protected]

Dec 03, 2018

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