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Growing up, Terminix had always been a part of my life. Our Terminix man, Dave, visited us regualarly and was almost like a part of the family. We were always pleased with our service. So when it came time for me to choose a termite and pest control product, I didn't think twice and went with Terminix. I can't sufficiently enough express how absolutely disappointed I am with my decision, and with how poorly this organization now treats its customers.
When I moved into my fiance's home, she had termite bait traps, but no pest control plan. We received a renewal notice for the bait traps, but I decided to have Terminix come out to give us a quote on a more all-inclusive service, specifically to add pest control (Florida is rife with palmettos and ants/fire ants). When my "inspector" Randy Bianchi arrived, he was very friendly and walked my premises with me. He advised that the bait stations we currently had (and had been solicited to simply renew) were no longer effective at keeping termites away, and furthermore he advised that they were more likely to attract termites to the home at this point than to repel them.
I was concerned that we hadn't been advised of this until we indicated that we were willing to spend more money and increase our service with Terminix, but I didn't press the issue. He detailed what the product entailed: "baiting" the exterior of the house, interior of the house in select areas, and baiting the attic regularly; and of course removing the existing Terminix bait-traps which were at best useless and at worst a detriment. I signed up for the plan and agreed to regular deductions to be made from my account.
When the serviceman first came to my house (without a call-ahead so that I could ensure someone would be home to let him in), he laid bait outside and left, leaving the old bait traps. A week later, he returned and treated the interior. He neglected to treat the attic area. When I advised that I had be told this was part of what was sold to me by Mr. Bianchi, he simply stated that it wouldn't be necessary. He again left without removing the old bait traps.
All this is moderately understandable compared to the rest. I phoned Mr. Bianchi 5 times before he returned my call, to advise him of the mistake that was made in leaving the traps behind. He returned my call stating he'd lost my number, and apologized for the delay. He asked if I wanted to remove the traps myself (really?) and I responded that I would prefer Terminix pick up them up, as was discussed. He said he would come out in the next week to do so, and would call ahead to let me know when, so we could discuss a hole that was dug at the base of my house as well. That was almost a month ago, and that was the last I've ever heard from him, or from ANYONE from Terminix for that matter.
I called Mr. Bianchi more than 12 times, leaving many messages, receiving no response. I have place 3 calls to 1800-TERMINIX. I have politely yet clearly expressed my frustration with my service. Each time the call center rep sympathized and assured me that someone would contact me. One rep I spoke with went so far as to say that she has had similar experience with this Inspector (not returning calls). I replied that the problem was no longer just with the inspector, but now with Terminix as nobody in this company was taking ownership of this issue.
Terminix has nobody taking ownership of their poor customer service, and there is no single point of accountability for any issues that arise. A simple, almost trivial, little issue has created furious customer because of the company's utter lack of commitment to customer service. No inspector, no serviceman, no salesman, no customer service associate, no manager, no quality control person has returned my more than 20 calls now. I can not understand in this age where each dollar is spent so deliberately, how a customer spending $700 annually with your organization can be so utterly ignored and dismissed.

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      9th of Jul, 2012

    I have been a customer of Terminix for over 40 years (at the two homes that I have owned here in South Fl.) and I am now finding that a satisfied customer is no longer a priority of Terminix. Over the last two years, it has been just awful trying to get an inspection of my home. Although it was that when I called someone would come out. # weeks ago, a nice man came out, found evidence of termites. I was told that someone would call to set up an appt. for treatment. After 3 phone calls to the local office, and of this date no one has called. Am I supposed to wait until the termites take over my w

    hole house??? I am still waiting.thanks for letting me sound off.

    Juanita Algar Customer #150617

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