Terminix / Just a complaint against terminix

Fort Worth, TX, United States

Terminix suppose to be a reliable company but they lied, stole, and pressure personal info and the info they got out of me they took money out my account without permission where by I didn't owe them anything else and they say I still owe them the only way I find out is that I was inform by the bank that they had already took it and besides that a worker from their company tore a big hole in my ceiling I had called them over and over again for about a month I feel that if I was white they wouldn't have took money out my account and would have fixed my ceiling as soon as it was reported and I think the world need to know how myself and other maybe been taking advantage of that haven't spoke up yet I called cooperate office to talk to them the man I spoke with had a attitude and said he had seen where I being calling already complaining he was so rude I hang up on him so that's why I'm calling you guys to see if I can get some actionanswers you can call me at [protected]

Jul 05, 2016

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