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My wife and I just bought a house in Huntsville, AL.
This is not our first house - so I've been down this path before, but not with these results.

Prior to putting an offer on the table on the house we were interested in, I researched to find out what termite company had a bond on the house. I spoke to their local representative, who told me that the contract was transferable, with no cost to transfer. We'd only have to pay the yearly fee (less than $200) for their protection service, which included treatment of the house to prevent termites, and full repairs should those treatments still yield termites. I was told to contact them if/when we bought the house to get that policy transferred.

After making an offer and having it accepted, we are now happy residents of that home. As suggested, I contacted the company (that is a national pest control company) and one of their agents came out to complete the paper work.

Upon arrival, he took out a stack of papers and told me that the policy is transferable, but...
He said that the previous owners of the house had the house bonded with another company, and that bond had been taken over by his company, when his company (Company B) bought out Company A.
He informed me that we needed a new bond (certainly not a transfer) and the cost of that would be well over $1000.00 (a thousand dollars). I was furious, to say the least. He talked about all kinds of ways to pay for it in installments, that the yearly rate would stay the same, but a new bond was needed.

He gave me a lengthy explanation that he understood upset me, tried explaining that this only happened because the previous owners had a contract with another company, blah, blah, blah...

At first I said I understood (I didn't sign ANYTHING) - and he proceeded to go to his car and get a device to measure the dimensions of the house, and he'd be back.

It was a cold day in Huntsville, that day, (in the high 20's) and as he started taking the measurements, I got to thinking more about this, and the hotter I got... I let him freeze while he took all the measurements, and when he came back to the door to come in to sign the contract, I read him the riot act.

I explained that after careful consideration, I don't do business with companies that lie to me, and that his company lied to me. I expected to have the contract transferred as explained to me, and that his 'discounted' offer wasn't good to me. I said that if he wanted me as a 'valued customer' he'd have to earn it by honoring what he told me, a cost free transfer of the policy.

Jan 27, 2015

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