Tepperman's / delivery fee charged for replacement of faulty sectional

I am writing to express my absolute dismay at the current situation I am going through with Tepperman's Windsor. I am not usually one to go to these lengths, but I am so disgusted with what has been happening that I feel the impulsive need to write to someone, even if it falls on deaf ears, and sadly, I have been given no reason to believe otherwise.
I purchased a sectional on sale from Tepperman's in April/May of this year. It was delivered on June 16th. The entire piece has never felt particularly sturdy and sure enough several weeks ago I felt something snap. I called customer service and they sent a tech out to assess. The next day someone called me from the warranty department to discuss. They said that the piece could be fixed and arranged a date to come and pick it up. I was advised that they would likely have my sofa portion for up to a week despite the fact that it was only estimated to take 3-4 hours to fix because they would have to wait for the next available delivery date. One would think they would squeeze this type of thing in so your customers don't have to wait so long without furniture, but I didn't really give it much thought at the time and agreed to the arrangements.
They came to pick up the sofa portion on November 8th. I received a call later that day to inform me that the damage was far more extensive than originally anticipated and I was given 2 options. They said they could still fix the piece (however I was understandably uneasy with this option since the message I was receiving was that it wasn't worth fixing) or I could come in to the showroom and choose completely different furniture. Replacing the piece was not an option as it had since been discontinued. I was told I would have to pay another delivery charge, but to be honest I brushed that off without saying anything because I had other questions and truly felt that there was certainly no way that that could be true. I had difficulty finding anything I liked previously in the showroom as I have an odd shaped room and space is limited, I bought the original sectional on a whim from a flyer I received, so one of my questions was "what if I couldn't find anything? would my money be refunded?" The answer was a definitive no. I would get store credit at best if I could not find anything. This was said without compassion or even a second thought.
So I accepted what was proposed and was told to make my selection within approximately 2 weeks time. I came in to the store 3 times without any success. Tepperman's simply didn't carry anything that was comparable in size or price. To be frank, I was becoming desperate. With Christmas coming up and only 2/3's of a couch in my home, I didn't know what I was going to do. I finally came in with my sister and we spent about 3 hours in your store measuring and analyzing, trying to find another option. At this point I must rave about your saleswoman Christianne. Of all 4 times I had come in, nobody had been able to answer my questions about what makes a durable couch vs. a lower end one like I had originally purchased. I was gun-shy about purchasing another lemon. She showed me what names to looks for, what was considered low, med and high end, unzipped a cushion to show me the high density foam inside, showed me the difference in spring thicknesses etc... She was wonderful and I was very appreciative. I did end up choosing another sofa and chair that day and I am spending an additional $420 to do so. I am trading up and I am ok with that, it is my choice, but my point is that Tepperman's is now making more money on this transaction.
My true bone of contention in all of this is that I still have to pay another delivery charge to have my new sofa and chair delivered. I will argue that I have already paid for this. It is not my fault that the couch broke, nor is it my fault that the replacement piece has been discontinued. I realize it is not Tepperman's fault either, but it is their responsibility to provide quality furniture and customer care. Not to mention, and this is the part that really blows my mind...they have to come back to pick up the rest of the defective sectional anyway! I have spoken to customer service and they laughed at me when I suggested that Tepperman's should have to absorb this cost because of the inconvenience to me. The woman on the phone actually said that if Tepperman's was in the habit of covering these types of costs that they would be out of business. So can I assume then that Tepperman's sells a lot of faulty furniture?
I also spoke to Christianne about this and she agreed with me, that it seems ridiculous that I would have to pay this fee again when the crew are coming out to my home to retrieve the other half of the sectional anyway, and assured me she would look into it for me. I received her answer by voicemail today. She says they're saying that because I have only had the sectional 5 months that I am still covered under the regular warranty and that it isn't until after a year that the extended warranty would kick in and that would cover this expense. She actually claimed they were doing me a favour by letting me choose another set of furniture. That's right...they said that me being without 2/3's of my living room furniture for 3 weeks, spending an extra $420 dollars to replace it, paying the delivery charge of $70 AGAIN and generally going through all of this hassle was actually Tepperman's doing me a kind favour!!!
I'm sorry, but at no time, in all of my years have I heard of such a ludicrous, outrageous, ridiculous claim. The saddest part is that I felt good about going to Tepperman's. I felt I was supporting local business by not going to Leon's or any other large conglomerate.
At the end of the day I will probably have no choice but to pay this fee because apparently a refund is even less of an option than waiving the delivery charge but I will do so under tremendous distress. This whole thing has made me sick to my stomach.
I will promise this though, and you can hold me to my word, I will NEVER step foot inside a Tepperman's ever again. I will NEVER say another kind word about Tepperman's to any of my many friends and I WILL copy this letter to the better business bureau on principle alone.
Thank you for listening.
Stacey Flood
P.S. I would like to commend your delivery staff. I hope that none of this poor review rubs off on them. They have been nothing but punctual, polite, pleasant and helpful.

Nov 20, 2017

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