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Aftrer numerous problems with the service (not getting reception, then the Telstra software update corrupted our wireless card and then after posting items to telstra to be replaced they weren't replaced with the correct items) which were often 'fixed' with credits being applied to our account, we have endured one final injury.

After finally closing our account because the company charge $30-40Au more than other providers for an almost identical service, we requested the final bill be posted to us. We did not receive a bill for a month. After finally calling them to enquire, first they couldn't find us on their database and then when they did I was told we were in credit $62 and our account had been left on ebilling (emailed to the account closed by the service provider). Idiots! So we now have been told we are owed $62 and it will take 6-8weeks for a cheque to be posted to me. I am very dissapointed with this.

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  • Al
      Jan 06, 2010
    Telstra wireless internet - Sold us on a product we cannot get

    We were unable to get ADSL 1 or ADSL 2 in our area so the telstra rep sold us on the wireless package which offeres us a minimun speeed of 8000mps, however after recieving the product and installing it we found that we were lucky to get even 0.2mps what a absolut joke and after talking to the representatives at telstra they told us that we were never able to get those speeds in our area, soo why did this person sell us a product that we could not get. After being passed around many departments over and over and no one being able to answer our questions we will definately be considering cancelling everything we have with telstra not only were they dis honest but this happened when we moved into our previous home one year ago.
    The only reason why they get away with it and without no damage is because they are a large company and one complaint is nothing to them they obviously dont care about there customers or customer service.
    Make sure you get what you asked for.

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