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Teleconnect ESBI ZPDI / Charges Added to my home phone bill VERIZON

1 Santa Maria, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 805-614-5036

These people charged me Balogna charges to my home phone bill. It went on over the course of 4-5 months! I kept calling Verizon and asking if my phone bill was correct, the amount, and they kept telling me yes! Finally I looked closer at my phone bill and saw this ZPDI with a $50.50 charge then all kinds of other taxes fees and other charges totalling 51.92. then the next month it was ESBI with a 14.95 charge, then an ZPDIwith a 2.50 Charge, then the next month it was a 14.95 charge. Finally I was furious, realizing that this cannot be correct. I then googled the Teleconnect ESBI ZPDI, names and it brought up a TON of people that this had been happening too. I called Verizon, AGAIN, as I had already called at least 3 times, only this time i was really upset, since they kept telling me that everything was correct with my bill. After I told them that somebody needed to correct this outragious charges, they told me it was all legal and I had to call these companys myself to have the charges removed and call the FCC and file a complaint! I have done so, I did recieve an immediate credit from the ZPDI company, but am waiting on the ESBI, but I think they are the same BULL_HIT company, what a bunch of dishonest horrible people, swindling people out of money! I don't know how they were able to do this, they told me that I had authorized all of the charges, some were for long distance collect calls other charges were for a fax service! I do not even own a FAX machine or Fax line or anything. They also told me that I had signed up for there service, they gave me a date and time and everything! Anyway people watch your phone bills! Because Verizon, the one that supposedly has a team working for you, they don't! If you have watched there commercial, it is a bunch of bologna, when you call there 800 number it takes about 15-20 minutes to actually talk with someone, some network!

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