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Lewiston tx, United States
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About a month ago I signed up for Teladoc online. I was under the impression that they provided mental health services as it was on their website. After I paid the money then I was able to log on and see that no melt mental health doctors were available to me. After several phone calls about three or four different people someone finally gave me the answer of this 'service is not available to you.'
I asked if I would be able to pay extra money in order to use this service but since I was not part of a large group health insurance company I could not do that. I felt disappointed in this.
So it turns out I had to change health insurance companies and my new company did offer Tele dock so I called and asked if I could get a refund for the $160 I paid to sign up because I had never used the actual services. They claim that when I signed up in the terms and conditions it's stated that I would not able to get a refund should I cancel the service. I do not remember seeing this at all. So I asked several times because I didn't use this for a while I can you not refunded to me and basically their answer was because we don't do that.
It is clear to me that this company does not care about people it only cares about money whatever they can do to get your money. The customer service is terrible it took me a lot of calling around to get a hold of people and to get the answers that I needed. And tell her doctors not already come with your insurance I would not recommend seeking them out.

Aug 19, 2016

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