Teco Gasgas bill

we have TECO gas in st Petersburg going on five years, we have a gas range and gas water heater. we are renters that use the same amount of gas on average for showers and cooking, washing dishes but I have noticed our bill states are gas use has gone up double the amount that's been stated on the last 4 years gas bills, our average bill was $25 to $28 dollars a month now its been averaging $40 to $43 a month. when contacting customer service they state the increase is due to fees and taxes but according to the bill a increase of fees which equals $2.37 wouldn't double our bill, so they were no help. we occupy the garage apartment and one of the Tennant's in the home in front of us has TECO gas but I've never seen a meter reader in our backyard checking his meter I've only seen them checking ours which is outside of our fence close to an alley. also on our bill it says residential 2 but on back of bill where they list type of residence or business accounts it only lists residential so what does the 2 mean? again cs was no help.

Feb 16, 2015

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