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TechSkills - Cincinnati, OH / Very poorly run company PERIOD!

1 United States

I attended TechSkills in Cincinnati, Oh. for the Pharmacy Technician Program. I should have known but, I wanted a different career. They told me when I arrived to speak with them some of the same stories they told everyone else ...I have read other complaints online as well ..they said I will get a good education and a great start on a new career.....we have an edge over everyone else, we are and online based training program, flexability (work at your own pace)....BULL PUCKY.!!!!!
I spent a long time working on this course and I also check outside resources and I had 4 weeks left ....I quit I can't take it anymore the facilities Mentors are not interested in helping you they won't even answer your questions. In all my courses all I received was a stack of books and a course guide...In every course I took in the program their were misspelled words, wrong answers ....and whatever you do don't bring up these things to the Mentor you will make enemies quick . They will dance around you worse than ever, and try to make you look bad to make themselves feel better for their lack of motivation . I had to fight to get my programs turned on and everything. I realized also that if I did ask for help they would make comments to you in front of other students and try to make it seem as if you were demanding attention over other students...I also got several e-mails requesting information that they received when I enrolled at the school...and when I returned calls they treated the situation like I was the one requesting help or information, and just dismissed the reason for me calling at all by changing the subject, and pushing me off to my Mentor who blew me off anyway....but the thing that gets me is why should I have to look up on line what I was paying TechSkills to thousands to teach. I spent alot of time online because I found halfway through this course most of their books and material contradict each other, and the information from the Mentor, and their material contradicts professionals in the feild, and on the internet. I will be taking the exam for the PTCB in the next couple of months this gives me a chance to continue to look at more reliable sources and not just TechSkills learned information. I know everyones schooling experience is not the same but I would not recommend this school very unorganized, lack of Mentors intrest in teaching , poor learning material, why would you pay someone when all they do is turn on a program and let you do it all yourself..they sit and wait for you to show up for a test..I hope others don't go through the 19 months of hell I did.

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