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TechSkills / Stay away from TechSkills!

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Unfortunately, I tried one of their courses that cost $6500, and it was horrible. First off, anything and just about everything your "Enrollment Specialist," tells you is pretty much a lie to get you in the door.

They are going to tell you how special their program is because it integrates online learning, paired with mentor gurus to insure you learn the material. Whelp, the online course material is okay, but can be found much cheaper elsewhere for just the online content. You could go to O'Reiley's and come out far better. If you are told the mentors are there for you, think again, they are underpaid, working on their own career path. They might stop for a moment to help you if you come to them at the right moment, but most of the time, they will go to great lengths to impress upon you that you must be the one who learns and finds the answer through the online help section of the software. In short, pretty much no nonsense when it comes to their time.

So once I got to going, I started to lag. I noticed other students were lagging. So much so, that when it came time to take test, students were rarely ready, negating that exam guarantee you will hear about from the enrollment specialist. They will put you on the borderline of 90%, and leave it up to you to go in on your own dime the promised five times if you mess up. They will say you make the grade, but nearly 30 percent is a subjective grade given by your mentor for class participation. So you can ace all the material, and still fall below the 90% range.

So once I saw how they did it, and got tired of the crap, I decided to quit. This is a total loss, regardless of what they tell you about refunds. They will give you nothing, because they put little clauses into the contract they make you sign on admission, that pretty much says they keep the lion share of your money, irregardless of the circumstance.

My advice to anyone considering Techskills is to run.

Stay away from those greedy people, as they are not there for you as much as they will try to sell you otherwise. If you are that eager to part with your money, just go to Vegas in lose it in style.

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  • Va
      16th of Aug, 2006
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    Two words: Community College. Cheap, effective, accredited, and universally accepted. Proprietary schools are at the bottom of the academic heap.

  • Va
      16th of Aug, 2006
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    In addition to Doc J's comment you should make an appointment with a counselor and let them point you in the right direction to your career path. There's a reason why they make the bigga bucks, and don't forget to ask for your grant options i.e., college catalog, available in most college bookstorez.

  • Je
      10th of Jan, 2007
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    Everything Techskills told me upon admission was a lie. I was told that I could make 3 months payments on my student loan and then the payments could be deferred until the end of my program. I was told at the end of the program, I would be placed in a high paying job. I was told I would have a mentor that would help me anytime I needed. It all sounded great. I was a little surprised at how much tuition was ( $7000.00), but I figured it would be worth it for the job placement. I was also happy that the payments would be deferred until I could get a good job to help pay those bills. All of this has been a lie. At 3 months when I tried to contact Stacey Joss to defer the loan, I was blown off for 2 months. I tried repeatedly to call and email her with no answer. I tried to get help from others only to be told I really needed to talk to Stacey since she was the admissions director. I finally was able to get through to Carmen Robl, the learning center director. She researched the problem and told me I had to apply for a whole different loan to get payments deferred and I did not get approved for that loan. She was unable to tell me why. I have had problem after problem with my mentor. Every time I need help, I'm told she has 80 students and she will get to me when she can. One week, I'm told I'm doing great on time with my courses and 2 days later she is yelling at me for being too far behind. I never really know what I will be from week to week. When I addressed this issue with her, she blamed me. I stuck with the program due to the promise of job placement. I'm totally switching careers and need help to get started in the field. I had been reassured many times I would be placed at the end of the program. At the end of my coding program, I asked about job placement. I was told that my first mentor who left, lost all the contact information for the companies they used. I was still told that my mentor would do everything she could to help me get a job. Now I'm being told the best she can do is have me register with Office Team and see if they can help me. No other help is being offered. This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I want out of the student loan because I have gotten nothing from this school. They tell you what you want to hear and then drop you on your head. I only hope now to salvage some type of career from what I have learned and be done with Techskills forever. I only wish I had done more research on them before enrolling.

  • Kp
      21st of Jan, 2007
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    I agree completely with these comments. I'm saying this because I used to hang out with an admissions rep who worked for these guys. The company is sales oriented and focuses in no way on offering any real tangible value. They are told to sell as many enrollments as they possibly could, and requests for cancellation or refund are totally ignored. My friend told me about a guy who was running Minneapolis who rang up many new enrollments and then hid everything when those enrolled students came back and requested refunds. That apparently led him to leave the company after he won a big prize for selling and went on to the company's annual president's party in the Carribean. After he was gone the ghosts came out of the closet... I also heard about students in Utah who were taking the pharmacy certification course offered by TechSkills... They were promised internships and assistance with jobs, but later on they found out that TechSkills isn't even allowed to offer that course in Utah (something about not having a license).

    I was thinking about taking one of the courses, but my friend warned me not to waste my time. Run away... That's what I think they should say.


  • Xa
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    This place is not for everyone. If you have not been in a class setting for awhile. Do not attend this school. You will not be satisfied with your results.

  • Ha
      11th of Oct, 2007
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    I'll put my 2cents in... I've been attending the I.T. section of TechSkills for some time. What you've read posted here is correct.

    It is all done on your own, hours reading, doing online audio videos and testprep. Attendance is mandatory else instructors will get on your back about falling behind and getting low grades, but of course, that is the only time you see or hear from your instructor. Any time anyone needs assistance, there are not any instructors around, (I refuse to mention the unprofessional behavior/activities. Some even do their own labs/reading at work to further their own careers and do not want to be disturbed). When you could get an instructor, several of them have no idea what they are doing or talking about. Their response is... "just follow the lab exercise, step by step" and walk away. I am an advanced student and I have assisted other students to the point that it affected my lab time. The lab exercises are continually incorrect and have many typo's. Personally, I feel that to learn properly, the information MUST be correct. They encourage you to submit "feedback" to fix what should be correct in the first place. I've personally been told to not submit negative feedback when I do find incorrections, so that should tell you how many inconsistencies I've caught. I know of 3 students that have just quit because they could not get instructor assistance. (I'm too stubborn and independent to give them the satisfaction. And yes, if you do quit, there might be a partial refund. Problem is, by the time you catch on to the fact that you a) have to do it all on your own, b) have no one-on-one assistance as promised c)get charged for software licensing fees even though you get no software with the exception of the software that comes with the books, buy the book, you still get the same software d) no career placement/assistance .... it is generally too late to get any refund).

    Note: when I first attended TechSkills, the equipment was so outdated and broken that students would fight and stand in line to get to a working pc to do the assigned labs. Only 3-4 pc's out of 10 worked well enough to get thru a lab exercise. Finally new pc's were brought in after much complaining.

    Career placement/assistance is a joke (especially where I am attending). This is one of the key factors I enrolled with TechSkills. I had a friend with me who witnessed that I was told they have job placement assistance). I already know how to search the online job ads thru Monster/Career builder, thanks but no thanks. I was told my resume would be reviewed with some suggestions, I received no help/assistance at all, nothing. Now I understand the personal jokes between some of the unhappy students and the long sad faces as I watch them search for jobs while attending the mandatory attendance time at TechSkills.

    The TestPreparation is not always correct either. I failed a vendor test by over 50%. I got another source and passed the vendor exam missing 1 question. Why did I pay TechSkills big$?

    Conversations are not encouraged between students either. Hey shhh you and inform you that it is a quiet lab. A couple of students where so unhappy and were complaining quietly among themselves that Instructors interrupted repeatedly to break up the conversation. But read the Participation points (proves that you did the labs, reading, exercises and attendance) you are supposedly credited for assisting other students by grading their work.

    Microlabs (teaching sessions) did not exist when I first attended either. Granted there has been a few since in the past but they are not announced when they were starting so students did not show up timely that Instructors cancel them with the excuse that no one showed up. (Sorry the times should be announced because students are reading, doing video's, testing, labs that they get engrossed and forget the time). Also, the few they had were not timely to "fit" in with my course progress. (In other words, they were too late and behind, I was courses ahead).

    If anyone from the government assisted programs reads this, enroll some "hidden agents" to validate what is being said, get the "real scoop" as to the misrepresentations and pull your funding. Granted, no where is perfect but all that is happening is a waste of tax dollars. Perhaps a hidden agent can validate and demand some changes be made? Ask your program students if they feel confident/competitent to go into a workplace and perform their duties accordingly. I already know the answer.

    My advice, go buy the books at 1/2 off books/ebay, buy CBT Nuggets and do it on your own, you'll save big bucks and get further ahead without the frustration.

    Happy To Jump In (one of the far and few "A" students. Why do I feel that is necessary to put that in? simple, I'm not a failing, struggling student that is disgruntled, so perhaps my words can give some weight. Let Truth Ring!)

  • Jo
      10th of Nov, 2007
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    It is sad to say, but this is pretty much par for the course. As a former student i have to agree with all of the above. After keeping my mouth shut, and ears open, i learned the company isn't making a profit, which explains why the equipment is so antiquated. I mean, it is an ABSOLUTE JOKE!! You pay almost 10 grand, and you windup using computers you wouldn't even keep around the house, it's horrible. the instructors ARE underpaid. I think the only perk they have is they don't have to pay for their certs so i think thats why they even work there at all! one of the instructors i would come in contact with - poor fellow, i know he was/is on his wits end. treated like crap from the coworkers. hope he made it out of there by now. My recommendation is go to a reputable school which had at least good equipment if it isn't new.

  • Ed
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I live here and Houston and am considering Techskills and recently stumbled across this board. I'm really shocked at the comments here. Does anyone have any experience with the Houston Techskill school. Since they're across the nation I'm wondering if this is happening only at selected locations.

    I bring that up because when checked complaints about another school ITT institute I saw a list of complaints for that school also. Also, I know people that have went to Community College, regular 4 year schools and they complain about those schools also.

    So, if anyone has had a positive experience at the Houston Techskills school or for that matter any Teckskills school please respond back, it would be nice to get a more balanced opinion

  • Te
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    Houston is a great location. Very supportive. They have a great reputation and a great success rate. Look at the positive testimonials from actual students. You get out what you put into the program. No school is going to do anything for you in my opinion. If your serious about Certification, TechSkills is the perfect mix of every learning style. My 2 cents

  • Br
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    To any and all peoples actually considering Techskills even the slightest little bit - in a word, DON'T!!! To put it plainly, they are simply not interested in your learning, only in taking your money and running. Once the payments had been paid off, I pretty much didn't hear a word from them - but they SURE DID NOT HESITATE to call me before then. After that, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You will not receive any real help from these people, only "it should be in your online lesson program", or even an "I have no idea how this works, because I'm not familiar with this program" (this coming from Techskill's own assigned student helper employees). Basically, you are led to believe that you will receive all the help you need - in reality though, you will be lucky to recieve any REAL help. There is usually always just one person in the room (who may or may not know your program), this is their 'proof' of always having help around when students need it. As if this were not bad enough, you will more than likely get the feeling that you are a burden to the "help" you are seeking, as if they have much better things to do than wasting their precious time on you. To make a long story short, DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS "SCHOOL", UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY COMPLETELY KNOWLEDGABLE ABOUT THE COURSES YOU ARE TAKING, or unless you have the money to burn. On top of the outrageous enrollment fee, there are additional fees for taking their 'graduation' exams. Their 2nd goal is to get you in and out of there as soon as possible. They claim it should take no longer than a month to complete their course (what they are actually, silently saying is, 'please just give us your money and be gone in a month, so as not to attract any unwanted/questionable attention for us'). I have no doubt that they would force their own students out simply for not 'graduating' from their courses on time if they could, and still keep your money. Please don't make the mistake I did: I gave them the benefit of the doubt, that they would do the right thing by either giving me the help I needed, or by refunding my money; the answer was a resounding "NO" to both. I should have listened to my gut instinct, which told me that I was wasting my time, also accounting for the seemingly almost uneasy feeling I had each time I walked through their doors. Do yourself a favor: stay away from these swindlers, they are only interested in lightening your pocketbook, PERIOD. Even if you do successfully complete the program, they will not be there for you when looking for a job with the new skills you have learned (one would think it's the least they could do to compensate for such high fees). I repeat, STAY AWAY FROM THESE SWINDLERS, for I promise you WILL regret the experience!!! And, if you find this out too late (as I did), you will more than likely need legal help in getting your funds back (much of which could end up going into your attorney's pocket). In short, just know that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT HERE FOR YOU, THEY ARE ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY, PERIOD!!! May this tidbit of inside information help you in making the right decision to stay away from these crooks.

  • Je
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    If anyone reads this and has managed to get out of their techskills contract please!!! contact me, we are still trying to get out of my wifes contact from over a year ago and now I am going to try small sliams I think to get her money back

  • St
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Save your time and heartbreak. I signed up with tech skills because I wanted something better than just buying the study guide online. I didn't want to just memorize the answers and then take the test. I wanted to LEARN this stuff. Turns out that I am paying these guys TEN GRAND to teach myself anyway. I should have just bought the books and saved $9800. Seriously.

    The material is outdated. I'm in Windows courses that don't even know that Vista exists. The machines I work on are also outdated. Remember WHITE computers?

    Want to hear the REAL kicker? I have a 100% average. I have never missed a question on the test. I read a lot at home. Due to working 60+ hours a week, it's hard for me to spend a lot of time AT school. That's why I went with them in the first place. 'Flexible' hours. Well, i'm on PROBATION. An A student, 'on pace' with my coursework. I am being punished for not meeting their attendance requirements. I could lose my enrollment. Not only am I paying all this money to self-educate, I find that I am now also paying it to be utterly inconvenienced. Since it takes me 10 minutes to take one of their 90 minute exams, I now get to sit in the lab and stare blankly at a screen or play solitaire for those extra 80 minutes. Pathetic, right?

    Finally, they told me that my loan could be paid off early. The company that they are using will not allow me to make extra payments towards the principal. I am only paying off the interest. So whether I pay it off in 2 years or 5, I am still paying the exact same amount... which is NOT AT ALL how it was presented when they were pressuring me to 'take that step! make that career change!'

    IF YOU ARE THINKING OF TECH SKILLS, SEND ME AN EMAIL FIRST! I would be very glad to speak with you candidly about this. Please please don't sign anything. I can assure you that you will very much regret it. There are no refunds. I am studying in Las Vegas for my MCSA and I am only on the first of four miserable classes with them. It was my initial intention to take more classes immediately following these, but I will take those classes ANYWHERE but HERE.

  • Ir
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    irregardless... LOL! good one!

  • Te
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    TechSkills is little more than a fraudulent scam run by money hungry corporate throw backs. Anyone considering this "institution" of higher learning would be better off taking special education courses in under water basket weaving. Not only are they consistently behind the technology curve, they make neither concessions nor apologies for currently falling behind in every level of higher education standards. The San Antonio campus is no exception. This is one of the most poorly run institutions I have ever seen. As a graduate of UTSA and with certification training from its competitors such as Tech Now and New Horizons, TechSkills San Antonio, it's staff and especially it's "director" are little more than a cruel farcical joke. Good luck maintaining any type of educational credentials cretins.

  • Tr
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    GREAT year spent. really!

  • Hr
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    Hmmmm sounds like you guys had it ruff. I am currently enrolled in TechSkills IT program. Completed my Network +, CCNA and now working on my CCNP. Guys IMO to get the certs you have to work at it, My program is mostly self study, but if I am stuck or need help the instructors always are there to help. I try to first exhaust all my resources first. Ie. answers alot of my question or even a search on works also. The training pacakages they offer is more than anough to pass any Tech Cert they have if anything most packages offer even more then what you would need to pass a certification test. My pakages normally include Prep test/CBT Nuggets Videos/Book/In class lectures/Structured Study Guide/ then finally a Assestment before I attemp my Certification. Now mind you this is all at my own pace which is something I take very serious and I study to pass. So far I passed both my certifications on my first attemp. I think Techskills does it best to help all it's students. As for placement after your done, You should learn what sites to look at for your industry. Like for Information Technology I wouldn't go to, I apply with Dept Of Defense companies since my Job is plentiful in this area. Anywho thats my 2 cents. I am having a good experience at techskills and would recommend it to anyone, I have to all my friends and most have nearly caught up to me now in certifications.

  • Wi
      6th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    @Tech Skills Sucks
    You sound like you might work for New Horizons; they aren't much better from what I've heard. Thank you everyone for saving me a lot of heartache, and the federal government under the Workforce Investment Act thousands of dollars. It makes me sad to know that the federal government is paying "approved" providers such as Tech Skills hundreds of thousands of dollars just because they turned in their WIA approval papers on time.

  • Sm
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Fools... Why would you even consider any non ABET accredited institution in the first place? hell just go to a community college, much better investment...

  • Ak
      25th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I really think it depends on the school. Sounds like a lot of you have had bad experiences and that totally sucks. It's weird because I have had the totally opposite experience. The TechSkills in Sacramento is Excellent in my opinion. Yeah you pretty much responsible for everything on your own (which I prefer), but they also have classes throughout the day where they teach A+ and N+ basics. They have at least 1 class for something everyday if not more. All of the equipment at the Sacramento school is in very good working order, in fact, everything there is new equipment! The PC lab computers are brand new and if there is ever an issue with anything the instructors and student interns fix it immediately. There are always at least 2 instructors present ready to answer questions and at least 2 student interns available at all times and they answer all my questions in full. I'll admit that sometimes they don't know the answer right away, but I have never had an instructor leave without helping me figure it out. I know this is a complaint board but I just want to say that Sacramento Techskills is not one of the bad ones!

  • Ax
      5th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    im thinking of going to techskills in san antonio tx anyone know anything about there ? i went and they told me i need to get a loan from them first and that i would have to pay a down payment of $ 435, and my interest rate wouldnt be more than 12% but then i went and i didnt get approved i have to pay around $750.00 down payment and my interest rate was 14.9 %. i was going to go for a bundle of 4 certificates for $6800.00 but then again i was speaking to another representative cause the representative i was talking to wasnt their . let me know whats up please ...thank you.

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