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TechSkills / Breach of Contract

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I wanted to touch base with you due to the fact that I believe that I have been taken advantage of greatly by a local company called Tech Skills ( Last August I enrolled in Tech Skills due to the fact that I had lost my job at that time and I was in search of some computer training. All I wanted was my Cisco certification. I spoke with a gentleman there name Steve Klein who had told that I should get at least 4 certifications so that I would have the all around training that I need. Well the Cisco certification only costs $2500 and the "membership" costs $8,000. He told me that I would make 65k a year at a minimum if I had all of these certifications. Well, I went ahead and took out the student loan based on this hoping to make this kind of money. I was leaving a career to start a new one. So the experience would be helpful. After attending the classes I found out that the rate of pay for a person just having the certifications would only have entry level pay (based on what the "teachers" told me.) Due to the fact that you still need experience in the field to earn the higher pay scale. Well, I decided to accept a job in my current field because I have a family to think about and I had to make at least 50k a year to make ends meet. At that point I asked if I could get a refund (which was 2 months later.) for the amount of the classes not taken because I needed to get a f/t job and I could not finish the classes in the 10 month period allotted for the "membership" that I had paid for. Well at that time Steve Klein told me to not worry about it that they would extend my membership indefinately until my classes were finished. Well, this happened for a while until my teacher Eric told me that it was up to Tech Skills to decide whether to extend me or not. Well, I was shocked by this because of the conversation I had with Steve 2 months prior. Well after that I had a conference call with Tony Hausmann (Director) and Steve Klein and Tony stated that he would extend my classes indefinately as long as I only took 4 certifications. I agreed to that and it was fine. Well on the second page of our updated agreement that I signed it stated that I had only 90 days to get a full refund which I understand was my fault because I did not read it carefully but I totally missed it. This was in Febuary. Well, since then my wife had surgery for cancer so my mind was not on school and it slipped my mind. Yesterday, I went into Tech Skill's website to start my classes again and it said I was locked out because my "Membership" had expired. Well, I would like a refund for the classes that I have not finished. I requested that in writing and Tony Hausmann basically told me that I cannot have one because I signed this document that stated I only had 90 days to cancel which he never told me about that part of the document. I feel I was completely misled from the start and I just want my refund for the classes not taken. I have requested this numerous times and the staff at Tech Skills talked me out of the refund. They would keep referring me to different people to speak with and eventually my time ran out for the partial refund. By having me sign a document that states that I only have 90 days for a partial refund is terrible. Why should I pay for “classes” that I never started??? According to my calculations they owe me $6500. That place is a total rip off and I feel everyone should know about it. Please help! Feel free to contact me. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

After further consideration I decided to contact you because I am tired of the run around that I have been getting from tech skills. I wish to cancel my student loan. I would like this portion refunded. Please seek the refund directly from Tech Skills. I am very surprised that a reputable company such as yourselves would do business with a company that is in business to take people’s money and provide “schooling” that is not nationally accredited. Most of the “instructors” are not even certified in the area that they are teaching. My first instructor was supposed to be teaching me A+ certification. Well he was not even A+ certified at the time he was supposed to be instructing me. He was taking his course at the same time I was. How can someone instruct me on a subject that they are not familiar with? What a joke. I am shocked that this Tech Skills has not been fined for this type of action. This is a class action lawsuit on the horizon. I have found that there were two better business bureau complaints this year alone for the exact same thing that I am referring to.

In closing, it is not the fact that I am trying to just not pay for classes I have taken. I will gladly pay for classes taken but I definitely feel I should not have to pay for classes that I have never started.

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  • Jo
      2nd of Jan, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I am having the exact same problem with the exact same people. It may not be all techskills, but it certainly seems as if this is how at least this branch is operating.

    I am working on filing complaints with appropriate parties. If you feel you could contribute (and possibly end up with some sort of refund) please send me an e-mail!

  • Yo
      1st of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hello, I am a Colorado resident who is also having a terrible time dealing with the shenanigans of Techskills. Please if anyone is filing a lawsuit or considering complaints or class action lawsuit reguarding their buisness practice and enrollment practices e-mail me at I would be happy to join in the fight for our legal rights to the money they scam off of people who just want to improve their lives.
    This was posted on Jan 2 2008

  • Ca
      11th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am paying over $7000 for their Medical Coding Program. I have had approximately 2 hours interaction with my "instructor." I am currently struggling with the fact that I do not have the necessary materials to pass their exams let alone the certification exam. My instructor is hostile and can't even answer simple questions about the course material, I received a very hostile response to an email I sent that was simply a request for help. I have had about 30 very negative interactions in this school and I am really struggling to finish the last two courses. The promises they made never materialized and I also am resigned to the loss of $7,000. I would like very much to fight for my legal rights.

  • An
      24th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I think what most of you are failing to realize is when you sign up for a membership with TechSkills... it is up to YOU to complete the courses within the year timeframe. If you follow the courseguide and finish each courses within the time given (most courses are 4 weeks long), then you would've gotten all of your certifications. If you were to sign up at a gym for a year membership and at the end of that membership, you're still fat, you can't hardly go back and ask for a refund. Bottom Line: You are what you put into programs like the ones offered at TechSkills.

  • Fe
      29th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am having a similar experience at TechSkills, and am feeling very ripped-off, considering what is being provided vs. the amount of money I am paying them. In response to Anonymous above, you are missing the point people are trying to make, I believe, which is TechSkills is not fulfilling its end of the bargain. They are charging a LOT of money, and not providing much in return, and I think that feeling set in very early for me. So, to compare to your analogy, it would be like the gym showing you a brochure, introducing you to a personal trainer, charging you lots of money for his intruction and advice, and after you pay for your membership, you show up to the gym, the equipment is 10 years old, the personal trainer is really Jim Bob who worked out there for 1 month, and you realize you could of saved yourself 10 grand and bought a home gym, and saved yourself 9500.

    I am paying about $11k for an all-you-can-eat program, and after 4 months have never recieved ANY expert guidance, or had ANY of my questions answered. Basically, you are handed a book, given a syllabus, which follows the book, and that's it. I'm basically, no matter how I try to rationalize it, paying $11k for the same thing I can get in the $70 book they use, which is the MS Press certification training book. To top it all off, I was charged $450 for books and materials in my contract, and the book has a sticker inside when I pick it up, that says it's Techskills property, and needs to be returned upon completion, or I'll be charged $70 for the book!! Talk about adding insult to injury here lol

    The "instructors" they introduce you to, while selling you the program, are not much more than lab assistants, and do not provide any expert advice, at least for the program I'm in, which is MCTS. If they would of told me, before I signed the loan papers, that my instructor didn't know jack about .Net, I never would of started TechSkills. After complaining, they told me they would find me a .net instructor at another campus - that was 4 weeks ago, and still nothing.

    I would advise anyone looking for a certification program to avoid TechSkills, and just buy yourself the self-study books you can get at any bookstore. It's about the same thing you will be provided at TechSkills, seriously. I feel completely taken in this experience, and really wish I would of researched it before I started. A very expensive lesson in life for me - don't just go by what a salesman tells you, or what's on the vendors website. Do your homework, and look for things like this before starting a program like TechSkills.

  • Ca
      13th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    This school is a S-C-A-M.

  • T
      14th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    These types of schools are predators dressed as educators. You should ask (1) What educational training and/or educational background do your instructors have? (2) What type of teaching experience, education does the front and back office staff have? (3) How many instructional technologists are there? (4) Where are they ? (5) What is the completion and placement rate for your particular facility... not company wided ?(6) Who on the staff has teaching degrees? (7) What percentage of funding comes from Title IV? These are only of a few questions a good educational facility should be most willing to address.

    Best advice: Attend a community college.

    Anonymous, Master of Education in Educational Leadership

  • Je
      3rd of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Amen. Based on my research, TechSkills is mainly a pyramid scheme. They promise you anything to get you to sign a student loan agreement, and then they deliver nothing. They're selling a dream and providing half-rate instructional software at outrageous prices. I dealt with Chris Bryant (the manager at the Las Vegas TechSkills nearby) who promised me a job after I graduated. He swore I'd move right into a great paying job, but I needed to sign a loan document to make that happen. I was very apprehensive, but I thought the training would be worth the cost. What training? There are no instructors; only part-time monitors they call "mentors." The mentors may or may not be trained to assist you with using the instructional software. Yes, you learn from software. No instructor, and no value for the money. I confused my mentors all the time with my questions because they were not trained on the technology I was trying to learn. It was a joke.

    I approached Chris with my contract and asked for a refund since the training just wasn't working for me. He insisted that I had to keep attending class. He said I was bound by the contract and I couldn't drop out, which I should have guessed. I sat in the waiting room one day to talk to him, and there were two other angry people waiting for refunds, too. We all got told to wait until Chris was available, but he stayed in his office on the phone, laughing and making jokes for an hour. He then told us all that we were crazy to ask for a refund, and that it would take longer to get than would be worth the wait, so we might as well just hunker down and get back to studying. Unbelieveable... Another student I saw fought for weeks to get a certification exam scheduled, and was told there were no vouchers available because the company was having financial problems. Run, folks. Run!

    I learned my lesson, but I'm still paying thousands of dollars for the opportunity to get jabbed by TechSkills. Save your money, go to an actual community college and study with an approved certification school. You'll do much better than I ever could have done at TechSkills.

  • Ka
      6th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I need a lawyer in Florida
    I resigned from TECH Skills and sat in the office 3 hours to do so
    I have 2 separate bils of 6000 on my credit report
    which are false
    Please help

  • Ca
      27th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree with all of the complaints against Techskills. I thought it was only the medical transcription course that was bogus, I have uncovered that it is the entire Techskills organization in every state that they are located in. I completed the medical transcription course and also paid to take a Certified Medical Transcription exam so I could obtain a CMT Credential and begin working from home as I was promised and assured would happen. When I began to send out resumes the potential employers are asking me "if you are a new grad, how did you get a CMT Credential?" After having about 35 employers ask this I contacted Techskills about this and was assured that the CMT was a legitimate credential and that their curriculum was of the highest standards in the healthcare industry. The CMT exam was taken at the Techskills facility but the exam itself was administered through The National Healthcareer Association. Well it turns out that Techskills training is laughable to say the least to a hugh number of employers and Techskills itself and The National Healthcareer Association along with their so called CMT Credentials are not at all recognized in the healthcare industry. The credential that they charge students for is false. The only way to obtain a CMT Credential is to sit for the exam through The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity after you have 2 years of acute care transcription under your belt. A student can sit for the RMT exam which is the first exam, not the CMT and you would have had to had your medical transcription training from a school whose curriculum is approved by The AHDI. Techskills knowingly and deceptively lured me in with false promises. They have violated just about every Regulatory code listed on the State of Wisconsin Education Approval Board site. Are there any other students, or I should say victims who have taken the CMT exam I mentioned above? please post and let me know.

  • Al
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm responding to your complaints about Techskills. Has anybody had any luck in resolving your complaints with this school? I've tried every avenue except filing a civil lawsuit to recover some of my refund of which was promised by the schools regional manager. I have an attorney working on this now, but if someone knows of one that has already dealt with this school and are familiar with the way they operate it would be greatly appreciated. I trusted this school and in turn they ripped me off.
    I honestly feel that people need to stay away from this school. A couple of reasons for this are the high cost and weak content of their courses. You will do much better in both accounts at a community college. Example, my Web Design course at Techskills cost $6, 000 and you didn't get certified, at the local community college it costs $3, 500 and you get certified and the course content is relevant.
    Please stay away from this school; you will do much better at an accredited school.

  • Al
      11th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I just got ripped off from TechSkills here in FT Worth. I started the course, read two chapters out of the book and have not taken the first test. The course was to train for the MCTS .NET Certification. I tried to quit twice because the pace was too fast. In the beggining I was told it was self paced and I could take my time. What I found out later is that I had to hurry up and finish everything within a month with one extra month for 'flash cards' and boneing up for the MCTS. I got sick for nearly three weeks and I had problems installing SQL Server 2005 on my laptop. So four weeks behind schedule. They offered to let me audit the class - whatever the hell that means, it really means just pay them all thier money then mabe I'll have access to thier web site. I told them that I want to quit and they kept giving me the run around. I agreed to go on, but decided after a couple of days that this was insane to pay $2500 for a course that was essentially reading the $70 Microsoft Certification book and working through the sample quizes in the book. The on-line stuff didn't even offer as much as what was in the book. I paid $510 for the first installment, now they want an aditional $265 and have Provided ME ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL. I don't even feel comfortable going to thier site and logging on to thier computers. The only contact I had with the instructor was for him to call me to tell me to hurry up. Any lawers out there?

  • Sa
      16th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am having issues with the Nashville branch. When I enrolled of course the girl in the office sold me the moon, telling me that they would work around my schedule (I work 3rd shift), I would get top notch training, and hands on experience. First of all, I broke my hand and had to have surgery so I had to take a month off, leave of absence as they called it. I returned to school and a month or so later I started having to work overtime and could not make my hours on campus, I asked to complete the work online. I was threatened with a 60 day suspension. Keep in mind that I paid 4000 dollars up front and they threatened me with suspension?! Thats just the start. My "instructor" is completely incompetant. I had a question about Route Summarization (I was in the CCNA program) and when I asked him to explain exactly how he got his answer, I was told, "thats just how it works." Half of the computers in the class did not work, and the ones that did were slow and often did not have the required software or tools needed to complete my coursework. People would sit in the "quiet" lab and talk, extremely loudly, on their cell phones and the instructor did nothing to stop them. This was supposed to be a professional environment and the "director" of the campus often brought his dog into the "school" with him. When I finally confroted them about all of this and told the director I demanded a refund all he could talk about was about how he wouldnt bring his dog in anymore. That was not the point. This school is a total scam and ripoff. I hope someone out there will read this and think twice before giving them a penny of your money. And judging by what I have read above, it apparently happens across the country.

  • Th
      26th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Wow... I had no idea and now am thinking that I screwed myself, seeing that I'd like to discontinue my certification training. So now I'll be left to pay the balance on a loan that I won't even fulfill the full service of??? Just Crazy...

  • Es
      1st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    This School has not fulfilled its obligation to me in regards to the contract that I signed where I would receive my books and needed help in a good timely fashion. I am currently waiting for books that I should have had 4 weeks ago. I have not received a response to any of the last 4 emails that I have sent to 3 ladies that are at the school.

    TechSkills also was unable to fulfill their obligation to a vocational Externship that I was to complete. I signed a contract for the vocational portion in October. I started going to school 12 hours a week and once I completed my medical terminology course I was to complete an externship where I was to work in a medical facility for 120 hours. In order to complete this I was to take time off from my then employer Wachovia Bank. It turned out that I was out on Short term disability from having surgery. I instructed the vocational director around December 2nd to let her know when I would be able to complete this externship. My former instructor let me know that she did not make any phone calls until Dec 23rd when I came in for my 2 certifications. I waited for several weeks and I finally had to let the vocational director know that I was going to be returning to work Jan 26th and would not be able to take any more time off from work. I had to take an incomplete for this course since TechSkills could not line up an externship during the timeframe of Dec. 19th thru Jan 26th

    Also this past October the management staff made a decision where they felt that they did not need the instructors to be full time. TechSkills placed all but one instructor on part time status and took away their benefits. Most of the instructors that were there when I first started are no longer there which includes my former Instructor who had to leave, since she needed to work full time and needed health benefits. My former instructor really cared about her students but after she left us, the medical students were left with no one that we could really call on for any help or guidance. They finally gave us contact information from someone at the Charlotte campus but they were not at school on the nights that I attended that often.

    I would not recommend TechSkills so long as things stay as they are. When you pay or go into debt thousands and commit months of your life to something, you expect to get more than a stack of books and written worksheets and tests.

    I have to say that if anyone is going to take a coding course do it in a "real" class setting. Not one where worksheets and over priced books are your teachers. This was definitely something I could of done online and a lot cheaper.

  • Sc
      20th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been shafted by this school as well. Long story short, I am trying to find any contact information at the schools headquarters that may be helpful. Does anyone have anything?

  • Sl
      14th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've got a question...I see that many of the posts here are
    About suing and getting money back, but what I'd like
    To know are the reasons for dropping out. I know its online
    Stuff and there's suppose to be an instructor to help but
    How is it REALLY? I'm looking to go there just for the A+
    Certification. Oh and will be attending the madison, wi
    Campus for transfer to brookfield wi campus cuz I'm
    Moving during that time. Please respond !!!

  • Sc
      14th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I honestly do not believe that suing will get anywhere. The issues I experienced involved a lack of interest in my success and a "car dealer" mentality when it came to helping me withdraw. I was misled in regards to the withdraw policy, I was told I could withdraw at any time with my tuition being prorated. I was sure to ask this question because at the time, I was possibly moving to a new town that did not have the school. Turns out, the withdraw policy was only 90 days. And dont ask for this in writing, they can only tell you about it. My honest opinion is that there are countless online resources for the A+ tests or even technical schools that offer the course at a MUCH lower rate. I kick myself daily for the lack of consideration I gave to each of these sources. I am in the process of trying to get in contact with ANYONE at the HQ of techskills to no avail. If you choose to proceed with Techskills, get EVERYTHING in writing. know that you are responsible for the course work. In my situation, I was very limited in my ability to get assistance with questions, and finally, don't let them push you into something you don't want. If you just want A+, then just take the A+ course. They will TRY AND SELL YOU!
    Good luck.

  • St
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes
    TechSkills - worthless
    Saint Paul
    United States

    This school is a joke. There is no way anyone trying to find work in any course they offer is qualified to do the work needed to be successful. I think it is time for a class action law suit.

  • Oc
      10th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes


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