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tasteless tea

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Tampa, Florida
United States
I bought Tai Tea and paid a ridiculous price for it but I wanted to make Sweet Tai Tea. Even using 5 times the amount recommended by the clerk, the tea is absolutely tasteless. In addition I bought a strainer for $12.95 and it doesn't' work as well as a strainer that I bought for $1.00. The saleswoman was extremely rude and talked so fast I hardly understood a word she said. I almost passed out when she said the bill was $34.50, FOR TEA?, but I was in a hurry and paid it. After seeing how worthless the tea was I emailed the company but have never received a reply. I will tell everyone at work what a rip place Teavana is. Never again will I buy anything from them.
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A  4th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Obscenely overpriced...I too found the salesperson an intolerable hustler. I was looking for a small amount of tea to add to 8 oz of blend. The guy tried to scam me into buying a 7 dollar container, and insisted that I needed to get a minimum of 1/2 lb @ 50 bucks inorder to be able to "get the advantage" of the flavor and health benefits...

Check out Upton Tea House on line for MUCH better selection and prices...
A  19th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Same here. They seem to be very eager, to make the sale. "Do like this one or that one". Come on over and I will show you. 1/2 pound it $30, container is $7. Any thing else you want to purchse.

I was more impressed with their salesmenship than their Tea. They look like a bait and switch Operation using our health as a trigger. I know everyone is trying to make a living, but come on...
A  13th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Tevana utilizes shady sales practices. My example was when I went in purchase white tea for my brother in Afghanistan. The tea was for a "care package" for my loved one overseas whom loves white tea. I asked the clerk, Hayden in Charlotte NC, several times how much items were priced. Needless to say, he ran my card for $127 for white tea without notifying me of it's cost. When I tried to return the tea, the same day and not even a 30 minutes later, the store would not accept the return. It is obvious that Tevana neither operates with integrity nor professionalism by their actions. To take advantage for someone making a care package for our military only proves their dishonesty and shady business practices. I will never, nor would I encourage everyone reading this, to ever purchase or patronage their establishment as protest to their poor business practices. Tevana in my opinion is shady beyond belief. Hayden [censor] you TOO as Al Pacino said in Scent of a Woman.
A  19th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
My sister and I sampled some tea and decided to go into the store and purchase some. The sales lady talked so fast, told us we should get a half pound and didn't disclose the price. She ran my card and I didn't even see the price. I took one footstep out of the door and looked at my receipt and saw it was nearly $50!!! I couldn't believe that price, we immediately turned around and were told that because we stepped out of the store we couldn't return the tea!!! I talked to a manager and told her that we literally were ONE step outside the store, she said it was their policy not to refund! This place is a MAFIA! They are crooks and should feel ashamed about how they take advantage of everyone the way we do! Please don't ever give them the satisfaction of stepping foot into their store.
D  16th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
They suck. Please no one buy tea there, I work for Teavana and basically they teach us how to be brainwashed sales people. We have to sell the highest teas and the highest teapots when in ###ing reality, you can buy a teamaker for 19.95 and still make the same tea. ACTUALLY, ### that. You guys can now get teakmakers at Target.
N  18th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I work at teavana as well, and honestly the only thing I think... correction, KNOW is overpriced is the cast iron tea pots. For example, the smaller dragonfly tea pot that are handcrafted in Japan I've seen that one for $40 in another store. My problem is that I'm too honest with the customers and sell most of the tea makers because I live in LA and people want something that's quick and hassle free. If you drink tea EVERYDAY then a pound of tea will last you a month and a half, but if you OCCASIONALLY drink tea, a pound of tea will last you for 3-4 months. However, for the people who have bought something from Teavana and are reading this, let me just clarify something: the teas are high-quality. They have many health benefits within the tea and really with the discount that you get for a pound, it's not that bad of a deal. Also for people who get annoyed at the team members or sales people at Teavana, they are doing their job. They have to meet certain sales goal throughout the day so that the store is making a profit. It's not an ordinary retail store where the customer walks in and grabs something and buys the product, and then the person on the register rings it up for ya. No, it's a learning experience. I don't mean to come off as a "shady" sales person. I tell the customers the truth. I tell them this: "We sell everything here by weight, we keep the teas in these containers [tins] they're air-tight light-tight and are $7. They're also reusable as well. The containers hold about a pound of tea and we have great pound discounts: 5 lbs- 20% off (1 lb of tea for free), 2 lbs- 15% off, and 1 lb- 10% off (2-3 oz of tea for free)." And when it comes to the price on the teas, I tell them this: "The price on the front represents 2 oz." and if they say "I just want 2 oz.", I have to ask them, "Are you sure, cause 2 oz is REALLY not that much (if you drink EVERYDAY it'll last you a few days, but if it's occasional it'll last you a week)." and if they say "I am sure." I will not push them, I'll give them 2 oz of that tea. However if they didn't buy a tea pot or teamaker I need to ask, "Do you have anything to make the tea with?" And if they say "No." I will show them the perfect tea maker rather than the cast iron cause I find that more convenient. But if they say "yes." I don't push them and then ring them up and let them go on their merry way.
I love this store, as an employee and a customer.
A  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Believe me, the salespeople are not what is wrong with this company. I used to work at teavana and I loved it at first because I am passionate about tea and was eager to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Teavana claims to be all about educating the public about tea and its health benefits when in reality they are all about making money...
I mean sure, any company would be crazy not to ask their employees to sell the most expensive merchandise but contrary to teavanas beliefs some people simply can't afford to spend 100+ dollars on tea and accessories! In the store I worked in we had a "5 times no" policy, in other words, if you've gone trough your sales pitch and the customer says no you should ask them if they are sure 5 times before they leave. Seriously?? Once should be enough!!! I used to get yelled at all the time by customers but it wasn't really my fault, I was just doing my job. Teavana sets the bar far too high for it's employees and the customers suffer. I worked there for a long time and revieved a promotion and two raises and then they fired me while I was 6 months pregnant because I wasn't meeting my sales goals, so I think it goes without saying I hate this company. But, their teas are great they are high quality and I've had a cast iron teapot from there for 3 years I use it everyday and it was well worth the money! So believe what the team members tell you and believe it or not, they don't work on commission, so go easy on them!
N  24th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I own a business that custom blends a huge varietea of teas, 36 different gourmet flavors and counting, Terry's TeaZ® and I have heard repeated complaints from customers about Teavana's high prices, high pressure sales tactics, weighing out more tea than the customer asks for, upselling tea newbies with over $100 worth of items they didn't really need, etc... I have to work hard to gain the trust of my Teavana converts (which isn't too hard once they try my tea at great prices). I have yet to have an unhappy customer, because I give them what they want at great prices and nothing more!
D  21st of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I personally work for Teavana and although their prices may be exceedingly high compared to places like Ebay, you may rest assured that you are recieving what you pay for. For example, a cast iron teapot from Ebay may only cost you $40.00. However, that tea pot may be filled with lead. As for the prices on their tea, EVERY company is obviously out to make money. If they weren't what incentive is there? Teavana's teas are all natural and contain absolutely no harmful preservatives or chemical bi products. Not to mention their teas come from the top 5% crop in the ENTIRE world. For a tea that can be re-infused multiple times and boils down to about 17 cents a cup.. I would say this place is not nearly as "shady" as many newbies may call it.
A  5th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Today a very high pressured salesman ( who must have thought he was selling timeshare condos) ran up over a hundred dollars worth of tea and containers when all my wife really wanted was about fifteen bucks worth of the overpriced stuff. This place is a rip off. Buyer beware.
A  9th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
My elderly mother and I went into the new Teanavana in Naples, Florida and I made it very clear that she only wanted two ounces of tea. The salesgirl over filled the bag to 4 ounces. I told her to remove 2 ounces and give my mother the 2 ounces as requested. She became flushed but did remove the tea. She then proceeded to try to sell my mother a glass cup. Needless to say, we left the store with a very bad taste in our mouth. These people should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.
N  4th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Just wondering if any other Teavana employees are on here. My question is: Does Teavana give you a paystub? Do they take you off the schedule without notice? Any other sketchy practices? I've only worked there for a month and I'm starting to realize that this might not be the place for me.
N  24th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
A  24th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Teavana is the worst place you can go trust me their teas are full of candied everything so beware diabetics.They push so much tea and the truth is the tins do not keep it fresh it goes bad in about a month the cast iron rusts and the tumblers fall apart.This place is making big money real fast on poor unaware souls.Their tea is the same as anywhere else just overpriced their employees are drilled to confuse you and have you think the health benifits from the teas will solve your problems its all lies this place is like an occult and they do major brainwashing they also from what I understand treat their employees like whit pardon my French why would anyone want to purchase anything from a company like this its sad to say but what goes up must come down and teavana will I'm sure be coming down soon especially with their low quality crap horrible products and disregard to how their employees are treated.
N  24th of Aug, 2012 by    -1 Votes
And to all the idiots on here that are trying to spread the great teavanas first 5% pick of the crop bull hello your trained to say that you are brainwashed to believe this funny tetley Lipton and a few other loose tea companies also claim this wake up snap out of it this place is just concerned about their money that's it they will say whatever they can to get the most out of you cast iron also is the best right and everything is all natural funny if it was it would be approved organic this place sux and anyone on here is just saying what they have too cause they work there .
A  2nd of Dec, 2012 by    +1 Votes
i went to teavana today. i went in because i wanted to check out their teas as compared to whole foods bulk or another local austin tea place. the sales person asked me first to try a different kind of tea. i said i didn't really like it. he then brought me over to the cast iron teapots, asking me which one "spoke to me?" i said they're all nice, but i already have a tea pot. he then degraded mine, and took me over to the glass tea pots. i told him again, i don't need a tea pot. then he asked how long my tea pot kept the tea warm for, and i said like 30-45 minutes? he said, you need one of these: and picked up this stainless steel tea candle holder to place under the pot and keep the tea warm. at this point i just started laughing, because i couldn't believe it. all i wanted was to try a couple ounces of a new type of tea. he still asked me if i wanted the stainless steel or glass version of the tea warmer. i said i didn't want that... once i FINALLY got to the register, the "tea specialist" pulled out a huge tin container and asked me which type of tea i wanted in this container. she said it would keep the tea fresh for four months. i said i only needed the smaller container, and she said... BUT THE BIG ONE IS ONLY $1 MORE. i was like, wait, how much are these? and she said, $7. i was like, can i just have a bag of it? and she said, bags only keep tea fresh for four days. then when i realized they were going to fill these tins up, i said i didn't want it anymore. that would have been like a half pound of tea, and that is actually insane. they really give tea a bad name. people that go there and actually buy tea are going to think tea is something insanely expensive and not to be tested or tried out or to create an experience. it makes me sad.
A  25th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Originally I went to this place with my mother to try it, i wanted one type of tea...and they claim they had to give me 2oz of 4 types of tea (54 bucks), then i decided on another flavor, got the canister...barely lasted a month (honestly, I, plus she said I could steep 5 cups from 1.5tbs...bull...more like 1 12...barely. I use tupperware containers (the air lock ones you get in sets) and the tea lasts. Then they opened one up in a mall nearby, and my boyfriend got a job there as he is a tea snob (I drink it but Im not that bad). He quit after 3 months because he was tired of as he put it 'conning people'. When he goes someplace completely different for much much better quality tea, for a better price. Skip this place, I've both been there and dated someone who has worked there. The tea is good . The prices and sales tactics are not worth it. Oh yes...and when they tell you to smell the tea...ask for a sample, they taste a lot different than they smell. (Youth berry, lavendar dreams) skip the containers, use good Tupperware instead.
A  25th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I will never go to Teavana in Charlotte, NC: Yes, in retail you have to expect the store will upsale - that is usually a retail tatic in most specialty stores - since the traffic is not the same as say a utilitarian product. But when I the customer walked in there specifically asking for one tea - with a strong cinnamon flavor - and no sugar. That is what I expect to walk out there with. Now, I repeated myself mutiple times - and I was assured that the two teas I was buying (to make one) was sugar free. I knew I was beeing upsaled and that is my own fault for not sticking to my guns. But when I went home and tried the tea - it was super sweet (since I have a sugar dietary restriction). IT HAD SUGAR - I looked it up on the website. Since the store was not open yet - I called corporate and informed them I did not have my receipt. they informed me since it was this past Sunday - that the store could look it up and they have a 90 day return policy. I called the store when they opened and gave them the heads up that corporate recommended. When I get to the store the clerk informed me no they can't look up the receipt and since I don't have it I can't just return it only exchange it. I demanded she call corporate to straigten the mess out - she called her manager and when offered the manager to talk to me they did not. then she proceeded to tell me that I could call that number. I said fine please call customer service then - she said no she cannot. Then I thought I didn't have my cell phone - when I asked her may I borrow her phone to call her company customer service - she said she wasn't allowed. So, I was leaving hot explaining to her this is the 2nd wasted trip and I am pissed. on my way to the car I found my cell marched in there and called corporate customer service in front of her and explained at this point even if I would of considered an exchange now way in HELL I would now - this is lousy customer service and I demand a refund - or I will dispute the charge. This man did help tremendously - he had corporate call the store and then they tired to give me a gift card again I re-itereated NO - i want a refund - I have wasted my time with a salesperson who does not now thier product - I came in the store about this and they won't call thier own corporate or let me on thier own phone - no way will I take that I want nothing to do with them. then corporate told her to call the regional manager - at which time she did not explain that she would not let me use thier phone to get a resolution from thier company nor were they willing to call at all. I did get my refund - they figured more than they charged me - at which point I had them make it close to the amount. Teavanna Sales associates A) know your product B) put yourself in the customers shoes and exercise good judgement when you admit a mistake was already on you - service your customer - do not let it get to this point. 1 bad expereince it told over and over this story is going everywhere.
A  8th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have bought Teavana tea for years. I was deceived. I google teavana and pesticides and found many problems. See below
Google this site. I will never buy their tea again.


Teavana's tea is also high in pesticides and toxins
Celestial Seasonings is, after all, a less expensive tea. Are we really surprised that the tea isn't top-notch? But the price of tea isn't always evidence of quality control. Teavana is a company that sells loose tea for top price. It has also long claimed to be "pesticide-free, " or organic or "European organic." The Teavana tea that I have sampled also tastes great.

It sounds good on paper, right?

The lab results for this company were not great, unfortunately. The tea was tested by an independent lab and 100 percent of it was found to contain pesticides. One tea, Monkey Picked Oolong, contained 23 pesticides. Strike one.

77 percent of the teas would fail European Union pesticide import standards, and would be banned from import. Strike two.

62 percent of the teas tested contained traces of endosulfan, a pesticide that has been banned by the U.S., China, the E.U., and 144 other countries because it has been linked to impaired fertility and could harm unborn babies. Strike three.

It's maddening, especially when you consider how the company promotes itself as toxin-free. But in some ways, I am not surprised. I bought a Teavana tea thermos, which has a design I absolutely love. But I wondered whether the company was purposely deceptive in how the employees were trained. I was told that it was a stainless steel product. But when I read through the package's fine print, it became clear that only the tea strainer is stainless steel, not the thermos itself. When I asked the employee about it, and pointed to what the package said, he grew confused. He said something along the lines of, "Well, the package does say that only the tea strainer is stainless steel, but when I was trained I was told that all of the metal was stainless steel, so I think it has to be." Deceptive? I think so. If it was all stainless steel, I am sure it would have said so clearly on the package. I think the employee was just saying what he had been told to say.

I thought about this when I read about how almost all of the employees said that Teavana was pesticide-free when asked. This was part of their training, and they had no reason to doubt its validity.

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