TeavanaRefund policy

I purchased a tea set and tea for more than $200. My receipt said the items could be returned for exchange or refund. There was no sign indicating that my purchase was not refundable. I never purchase items as gifts that cannot be returned. The gift was not a success and I called to confirm that I would return it for refund and was told I could. After driving across town to return for refund, I was told I could not get a refund because the items were discounted. I was not told the items were clearance or non refundable and no sign was visible on these items or on the receipt. Teavana will not respond to my e-mail request and the Tulsa store manager who promised to call me back has not. These are deceptive practices - the items are not identified as not refundable and my receipt states the items are refundable. The items were never used and the return was within 24 hours. I want a refund as supported by my receipt. Teavana store 131 purchase 3/18/16. No legitimate store would refuse a refund on still packaged, unused items. Teresa Smith [protected] Tulsa, OK.

Mar 23, 2016

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