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Recently TDS was doing a conversion from google (Gmail) to another company that is in financial trouble. I wasn't affected by the conversion until we decided to go IP phone and drop our DSL for Comcast because of slow connection speeds. This is when we started having issues with our email accounts that we have used for 7 + years. After we contacted TDS and dropped our DSL my wife's email account just stopped working. A month later they still haven't got it fixed and we were told it was Google’s fault because they didn't give them enough time. After a month went by with no results I decided to drop the overpriced analog telephone service for voice over ip. Shortly after we dropped our phone service my email stopped working even though we told TDS we wanted to keep these two email accounts. Anyway, both my wife and I are now without any access to our email accounts that we have had for over 7 years now. It's crazy that only after we dropped some of our services that we had with TDS that we both lost our email accounts. Doesn't this sound suspicious!

Last, isn't there some kind of agreement that TDS has with our government to provide a reliable service to its customers? My questions to those people who granted TDS a monopoly in our community; why isn't AT&T, Bell South, ...etc allowed to compete with TDS. It sounds like TDS needs some competition because the QOS (quality of service) is unexceptable for any company doing business with the public.

Contact your congressman to have these laws changed to protect us the consumer.

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  • Zo
      17th of Mar, 2015
    TDS Telecom - Account security
    TDS Telecom
    Johnson Creek
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    New account, trying to pay my first bill. I was told I had to sign up online which I attempted to, but they said I already created an account. We didn't the CSR had set a pin on our account which there is no way we could know. To reset they had to call us on our landline. They never got it to work and never came back to fill the work order. So it couldn't be done. They wouldn't let us create a new account without that pin. When I said we also didn't get the promotion - they started saying how they could change the account right now and a better plan. So you can't let me create an online account to pay my bill and give money but you'll change my account WITHOUT ANY verification???? This was TWO people in TWO departments. NO SECURITY for account changes. We ended our service right then and there.

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