TD Auto Financeworst customer service ever

Trying to simply transfer my title as I have moved out of state. Seems simple and easy, was a very straightforward process when we did my wife's car through a different lender.

Called TD to see what they needed from me to get the process started. Was instructed to fax the DMV documents along with DMV request for title, mail the fees to them and they will send to Oregon DMV. 5 days later I receive a call from TD explaining that they received my fax but not the request. After a bunch of back & forth, they tell me that they actually do have what they need doesn't work to fax because they need the original documents.

Now I have to excuse myself from work because the near week they let go by means I will not have my new registration for months (90days) + 5 extra days.

Long story short, find a lender with quality, knowledgeable, trained, and informed customer service personnel. TD Auto has none of those.

Dec 04, 2018

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