TD Auto Financecustomer service

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 TD Auto Finance ordered my car reposed for non-payment. The tow truck sneaked in and took my car at 1:00 AM on Saturday Feb 4th. As you know everything is closed for the weekend which is very convenient to TD and to the company that will be charging storage fees.

Since I always pay TD through my Chase bank account, I visited the local branch and they gave me a print out which shows all the payments processed ON TIME.

Monday February 6th, 2017 8:00 AM tried contacting TD´s Costumer Service and after waiting 2 hours and 23 minutes an agent came on the line. I explained the situation and she said I had to talk to the proper department that handles repos. She said the number to call is [protected] and she transferred me there. Since 11:10 AM I have been holding on that line and all I hear is a message saying that "they are sorry for the long wait but all representatives are busy in other calls."

While waiting on the telephone I went on line to check for an email address for TD Auto Finance but there is none. They did show 2 FAX numbers for Customer Service so I wrote a brief letter explaining the situation and faxed it together with my bank´s print outs showing the payments to BOTH FAX numbers.

It is now 3:37 PM and I´m still on hold. I have confirmations that the faxes went through without a hitch. Not a word from anybody at TD.

Feb 06, 2017

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