TCF Bank / dishonest polcies

Ford Road, Canton, MI, United States

I have been a small business owner in TCF bank for over 5 years. I am meticulous about balancing my checkbook to teh last penny. Over teh past few years i have had several instances of 5 or 10 dollars go missing. When i complained to the bank, they offered to do an audit which would cost me $85!! I chose to let the missing money go. When is tarted the acct. i signed up into their reward points program for purchases made. I did not remember about it, till i got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me that the program is being discontinued and i should redeem my points. Went to the branch office today. The manager looks up my acct. and says there are no points. I asked her how that can be when i have not redeemed anything in 5 years. according to her the system resets every year and any points i have accumulated gos to 0. So in essence, i have no points and get no rewards. This is out and out dishonest and fraudulent practice. They sent me a note about discontinuing the program, but not a single letter about any points that i may have saved. Way to go you banking foundation by cheating and deceiving small business owners. I will take my business to another bank which is not a fraud.

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