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, Valley View Estate, Gurgaon, IN
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Our subscriber ID is [protected] and we have raised an up gradation request on the 2nd of November, 2012 and we have been hearing from Tata Sky that there is a technical problem on my Set-top box and they will not be able to upgrade the box from a normal set-top box which i bought from Tata Sky.

Now my problem is unique to Tata Sky. I have 2 set-top boxes that i have purchased from Tata Sky. One in 2007 and the other in 2010-11. Tata Sky has made my 2010-11 connection a primary connection and since I did ask for a removal from a multi-room setup the 2007 box was executed. Now when I want to upgrade the 2007 box to an HD or an HD+ connection, I have been informed that I will need to first active the 2007 box and then only upgrade. As a customer, I will like to upgrade from an old box and thus I did ask for an upgrade from the 2007 box which is not happening for the last 10 days.

One end I hear from the Tata Sky Customer Care that you are a premium customer and they treat you like dirt. The installation guys have to be pleaded to come home to have a look and repeatedly they disappoint you in making you wait and never come after promises. I have had innumerable SMS's stating a time of visit without even asking the customer and this is absolutely painful.

The set-top box I am trying to upgrade is Digicomp No: [protected] (2007) and the Digicard number is [protected] and since my request has not been taken seriously, I demand a refund of my services that i have paid for. 

I would like to ensure that no customer is taken as a piece of ### and this is absolutely unacceptable. I can't imagine an upgrade not happening for the last 10 days and no technical problem can last so long.

My current active connection is set top box no: [protected] (2010 -11) and the active Digicard is [protected]. 

There are various people who have been trying to give me a bad time and I will like to name them for your benefit later

1. Mr. Rathore - Channel Partner - +[protected] - This person has been asking the engineer not to visit my place though he is supposed to schedule the visit
2. Engineer - +[protected] - Never visits on the scheduled time
3. Numerous Service staff - Please do look at the customer records to see the number of times i have called and wasted my money and time but never got a problem solved

I would like to terminate my services as Tata Sky is not in a position to take a simple request to upgrade my connection and I will request your help to get this going.

I think you love your customers to attrite and this is absolutely ridiculous. I planned to sort out this today in vain and thus now will not request anything else!
If Tatasky is unable to provide me a basic HD connection, I would demand a refund and to my investment made to Tata Sky and I would like Tata Sky to honor my request to walk off as a customer. My request is to solve this request within the next 24 hours or pay back the amount of money I have paid you till the 10th of March 2012.

God bless your company if you have such pathetic (toned down word) service

My request number at Tata Sky website with a limit of 800 words is SR1111120896300


Sucharith Menon
H/O - Vibha Menon

Frustrated customer, Gurgaon, India

  • Resolution statement

    Solved after we moved from the place. Tata Sky Bangalore gave me call and we got this sorted out once and for all. Thank you for the support and listening to your customers

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