Tata Sky Hd Dth / non accountal of money paid

A 4 NEELESH CHS,142 S.B.MARG,, India
Contact information:
Phone: 9870567877

I had taken annual dhamal mix pack with marathi channels in 2014 feb, but many hindi and marathi channels were not coming since 4 months due to mpeg 4 / hd set top box not available in our home set top box so we were asked to purchase hd set top box @ 590 for replacing old set top box. But after replacement of set top 18 box by paying rs 590 all marathi channels stopped coming in daytime, then again tatasky charged for rs 100 to replace connector at dish. But still the complaint persisted next day and again it was attended and after 4 - 5 days rs 320 were charged for attending complaint, with balance of 198 on 13feb and i was asked to recharge rs 2150 for renewal of my dhamal mix [protected]@ 2300 / yr expiring on 19feb. Accordingly i paid rs 2150 by credt card but rs 320 were deducted for second complaint, i ased rs 50 english news channel pack and paid 500rs for recharging to renew dhamal mix pack with english news pack, the balance shown was 2486. 91 of which after deducting rs 2300 for one year balance is shown 186 and next due date of recharge shown 1st april 2015 instead of [protected] and as balance of 186 is available it should be further availble for english channel for 3 months @50 / month.
Please correct renewal date to feb 2016 for dhamal pack. Refund rs 320 charged for second repairs after 6 days as it was told that no problem will come after payment of rs 100 to imran of tata sky and he will attend free but did not attend second complaint even after repeated complaints. For last 4 monyhs many marathi and hindi channels were not available but no deduction was given to us,
The id is [protected] and registered mobile is [protected] and in last week atleast 3 hrs were lost in complaint and 3 timepayments
In short tata sky is looting consumers over charging without information and bill receipts on repairs and failed to serve as per terms

Feb 19, 2015

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