Tata / billing related (erroneous)

Hi everyone,

TATA "India" Company ()

Firstly to say, do not by tata (if u want u can try it once)
Here are some ADVANTAGES if u buy:

1: EEEEERRORRR on bills:
Bought walky some years ago for 2500 (which is deposit), (now am not using). I gave back the walky set after six months with cleared bills. After one year (note: after one year) I got a bill for the set which am not using and with some ### notice (this is not a joke). I called CC. They know "dissembling". which the TATA teaches which is erroneous.

2: THe NEW Photon+ ("TOP SPEED" to say thats it) (erroneous bills).
Adding in some additinal packages into the bill. it is 1110 plan, which i am still using, TATA itself added 150 rs extra additional pack for bill. I think this money is a bribe for TATA referrals whomsoever it may concern. TATA is Irksome.

"""""""""please Dont Suffer after getting it""""""""

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